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The Everybody.. Ate My Balls Community celebration of balls as an icon of the WWW. First is was "Mr.T"...and then "Chewbacca Ate My Balls" by the same author... The first knock-off was "Ronald Reagan Ate My Balls", thus starting an uncontrollable flood. There are now many hundreds of AMB web pages, covecommunity a wide variety of subject matter, enjoyed by millions of people world-wide, all inspired by something so stupid, that our very interest in it... is a joke.{;}"I pity the fool that don't see enough Ate-My-Balls pages"

My Shiny Balls
My Shiny Balls - The History Of Ate My Balls Links Page..tells the short story explaining what the hell ATE MY BALLS pages are all about and why.

Family Guy Ate My Balls
Brain Griffin the talking dog from TV's Family Guy may have bitten off a little more than he can chew. Take a look.{;}{;}{;}

Power Puff Girls ate my Balls
Powerpuff girls get hungry for some of that ball action.