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My blog is mainly about knitting.


Stitchville is my knitting diary as well as a virtual gallery.

My craft blog
My blog about crafts and other things in my life :)

in my life
I am a knitter.

Villaa ja Villakoiria / Poodles and Wool
I'm knittin from soft yarns mostly lace, scarfs, shawls and stoles, I write in Finnish and in English

The Wool Diaries
Knitting in Malmö.

mon monde parallèle
knitting, knitting

Too much yarn not enough days

a knitting blog

Knit, crochet and maybe also some other textile crafts in Finnish.

A Typesetter's day 3.0
Some knitting, some cooking, lots of rambles on life and stuff from an underground office in Milano. (Beware, very leftist politics inside, in Italian only for your mental and my phisical safety.)

felinity knits
See the highs and lows of my knitting activities. It's all mostly nonsense, with a few pictures thrown in for good luck.

KnittingDotti's Blog

Knitting Pearl
Get to know about me and my crafts (knitting, crochet, cross-stitch, sewing) as well as interesting tidbits about the language related to these crafts! Love to learn more about terminology/language issues ...

queenfilo knits and knits
This blog is about all of my knitting; disasters, designs, musings (and sometimes about my cat, my life and literature)

the mog's blog
The mog's blog, a journey of a cat through yarn

UK knitting blog with a dash of medicine and hospital life thrown in

Sporadic tales of my unhealthy lust for yarn and a healthy appetite for a crafty life from a 30-something English girl abroad.


Hasbun Kolo -- Hasbu's Hideaway
Pictures of my handicrafts and stories behind them.



Ars Manus
My blog features my handicrafts. Knitting. Jewelry making. Crochet. And probably occasionally something else too...


Berry Faerie Crafts
My little corner of crafts :) I'm a beginner at knitting and crocheting, but I'm trying hard and I'm loving it!

Heges hobbykrok
NO (in norwegian and english)

my knitting, just to enregister what i'm doing...in case i forget it latter...

My Sewing and Knittantics
My sewing and hand knitting antics , often jazzed along by machine knitting

Schnüffeltiers Kreativwelt
Im Blog geht es hauptsächlich um die kreative Seite meines Lebens. Vor allem ums stricken!

med pinner
With needles is a blog about knitting and crochet. My favorit knitting-thingy is different mittens, mostly Scandinavian types.

Tanjas Blog
Hier zeige ich meine gestricken, gehäkelten oder gebastelten Werke.

Lillefix sin hobbyblog

Knitting and other crafts (in Finnish)

[Russian] Tea Time

Marianne`s knitting blog

luovat kädet - creative hands
knitting, sewing and whatever comes on mind about crafts.

Ferri & Gomitoli
Un blog italiano dedicato tutto alla maglia. Una "knitter" in Italia non ha vita facile... in questo blog intendo raccogliere informazioni, idee, progetti, successi, errori, sensazioni, ispirazioni: spero ...

Fleur de la Laine
Everything over my knitting desire and my love for beautiful wool. A Blog from the "Rattenfaengerstadt" Hameln.

Knitting, cooking and gardening
Knitting, cooking & gardening are some of my favorite things in life. And i like to write about those things, among all the other things that happen in my lfe...

okifushi - my daily life
a blog about my daily life, my addictions like knitting, doing henna and cooking, and some other funny things

Needles & Brushes
Knitting, free patterns, crochet, embroidery and other crafts.

Kucki's Cookies
My hobbies

Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting
Busy mom Paula's blog for easy knitting

Puikot Puhuu - Talking Sticks
Knitting and crocheting- plus sometimes something completely different :)

Mostly about knitting and knitwear design, with asides about my family's move from the U.S. to Lake Como, Italy. My original free (and non-free) patterns are also available on the site.

Morgana Knits and Tats
Blog de labores de punto, principalmente, y frivolité en inglés y español. Blog about knitting, tatting and other crafts, in English and Spanish.

blickfangquilts Hinter den Kulissen von csquiltdesign - More about the woman behind the scene. My quilts, ideas to share with other quilt bug infected persons, news of my webshop and my daily adventures ...

Des aiguilles et du fil
Travaux d'aiguilles , tricot , point de croix , couture mais surtout tricot ...

Heidi's Knitbits
Join me in my knitting adventures, and the successes and failures that go along with them.