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crafty girl blogging about her hobbies and the sense of life. Loves to sew, knit, crochet and to quilt. Addicted to any fiber... fabric or wool. Shows finished pieces and work-in-progress.

a site on knitting and everything else that gets tangled into that. In English

Sochs & co.


The story of a 25 year-old graduated American law student finishing her French law degree who has a passion for saucy knitting and spending oodles of time in the kitchen

Knitting blog in Swedish.

Stricken, Stricktagebuch, Anleitungen und Raglanrechner/A knitter's live in Switzerland

Knitter's block
About knitting and occasional pictures of a cat. Blog both in English and Finnish.

Barely a blog / Pahainen blogi
Yarnhoarders blog

Merlianes Wollwelt
Stricken Spinnen Keltisches Mystisches und der ganz normale Wahnsinn einer alleinerziehenden Mutter von zwei Fast-Teenies

Elsa annab aru...
My diary in Estonian and English, mostly on knitting and other crafts, family and fun :)

Chloé, de fil en aiguilles
This is a knitting blog in french. There is a lot of pictures of my works in progress and finished. I'm a belgian girl who lives in France and I'm knitting since february 2004.

Rouge Cerise
En français/In French (mais pas besoin de parler français pour regarder les photos :)/but no need to speak Englis to watch pictures :))

Die Strickhexe
Stricken, Spinnen, Färben

Knitting and spinning in the South of France

La Cosa Knitstra
Knitting mafia

knitting in Slovakia

Alive and knitting in north-west London

Knitting weblog of an American in Norway.

Cyn's Knits 'n Stuff
I'm an American living in Norway. I Love knitting and other crafts, here is a place I can share my art.

Martsulin neuleblogi
Knitting blog

Distant Knitter - Etäistä neulomista
About knitting, in Finnish and in English.

the knitting nederlass
The life and knitting times of a force of nature from the Netherlands

Theresa's Thoughts
This is the place where I brag, complain and talk about everything and everything. Basically where I stitch and bitch

Liza au Lait
Blog on knitting and other things I make and do

Il était une fois des aiguilles et des pelotes...
knitting blog, blog de tricot

Stranded Purls
Knitting, embroidery, life. More or less in that order. Mostly in English, sometimes in German.

A danish woman blogging on various crafts, especially knitting.

Strikkekattens hi
The knitting I do in norwegian

Verflixtes Wollknäuel
German Blog about knitting and other hobbies

Nobos pyssel
Norwegain knitting blog.

Spitting Yarn
The trials and tribulations of a new knitter.

I'm a thirty-something translator who spends her days knitting and gambling.

Once Upon A Time... A Journey to Middle England
Knitting and gardening in central England.

KnitchickMelly's LacePlace
My place to ramble and show you projects that i have done. I do mostly lace knitting and other knitbits (socks, shawls etc.) in my free time, so be aware..........lol.

Look at the world
A blog with pictures of my crafts: toys, bags, presents, some clothes.

Thyros hobbyblogg

Knitting cow - La vache qui tricote
Knitting, spinning, crochet and Icelandic sheep dogs - Tricot, filage, crochet et chiens islandais

Scottish Spinner
Spinning, knitting, musing

My yarn closet

About me and my life and my knitting and my dogs!

satunnaisia silmukoita

Livs Hobbyblog
Min blogg om strikking, hekling og brodecommunity. Norwegian blog with lots of photos.

I want to share with you my knitting experiences, swap patterns, talk about other crafts (sewing, embroidery, weaving, ect).

A blog specifically set up to record Knitters' abbreviations, acronyms and commonly used terms. Please feel free to comment or suggest additions, etc.

Bentota's Blog
most of the time knitting, sometimes gardening and other stories. Most of the time in German sometimes in English, too

City of Crochet
Crocheting and Knitting...an escape from everyday life in Europe as I face the perils of yarn shopping in a foreign country and dealing with the crazy looks while crocheting & knitting on the public transportation ...

Lioness Roars
I'm a fellow knitter from Copenhagen, Denmark :o)

The Interrupting Sheep
A blog by an obsessed knitter living in london about yarn, my knitting, and life in general!

Mirad las estrellas. Son las mismas bajo las que soñaba Homero.