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The continent of Europe has a fascinating and rich heritage. This collection of web sites focus on Europe's history and offers resources for high school and college research, in addition to, educational entertainment for the enthusiast.

A Medieval Novel Website
This site has info on my YA novel set in 13th century England, Ireland and the Isle of Man. There are also many pages of history notes on medieval England, the Celts and the Anglo-Saxons. There are also ...

A Misterious Head in the Djerdap Canyon
A misterious head in the rock, Djerdap Canyoun, very near the neolithic settlement, Lepenski Vir

A Woman In The Minoan Civilisation
A brief site with a lot of pictures about the woman and Minoan civilisation in general

Anam Ceilteach ~ An Gorta Mór
A reference to learn more about An Gorta Mór ~ Lots of resources....

Ancient History Page
This site deals with a lot of different ancient civilizations of the world inculding England and Rome.

Ancient Ireland
*The* site for resources on Ancient Ireland.

Battle of Cape St. Vincent - 1797
The Battle of Cape St. Vincent - 14th February 1797 - was the first in the series of great naval victories that led up to Trafalgar in 1805. Commodore Nelson distinguished himself in battle and was promoted ...

Bibliothčque du Moyen Age
Liens d'histoire,histoire de l'art{;}et litterature du Moyen Age et des textes en ligne.

Bits O' History Library
This library was designed for students or anyone interested in conducting historical research. In my own research endeavors, I have found the Internet to be a wonderful medium for collecting primary source ...

Bradford Timeline
History (architecture and events) of Bradford, Yorkshire related to National and International events, Monarchs, Prime Ministers, Presidents, Sports information, Inventions, "Firsts", Music, Books , Cinema, ...

Bytes O' History Castle
Did you know that the study of history does not have to be a bocommunity activity? In fact, history can be a very interesting and entertaining subject. All you have to do is check out what this site has ...

Das Deutsche Mittelalter
Kommentierte Linkliste fuer den Mittelalterfan. Wenn es "mittelalterlich" ist, dann wirst du es hier finden!{;}Huge Linkcollection with comments for everything about Medieval Times.

Germania 69/70 AD
After the death of Nero, Julius Civilis, a Batavian chieftain and former officer of the Roman Army, raised a revolt in Germania. Initially, the rebels were successful. They routed the Roman military and ...

La Couturičre Parisienne Costume and Fashion Site
The history of costume from the middle ages to the 20th century. The main focus is on France, Germany, and England.

London History
Discover the great the strange the seedy the inspired the criminal and the downright ordinary past of one of the World's Greatest Cities!

Mike R Vosper, Coins
Mike R Vosper Coins buy and sell ancient Gold, Silver and Bronze coinage. Celtic, such as Cunobelin Staters and Boudicca Units. Greek coinage, for example Athenian Owl Tetradrachms and Alexander the Great ...

Monarchs of England
complete listing of England's rulers, with further info on some. Emphasis on the little-known Anglo-Saxon kings.

Pictures of the Past: World War One
A family collection of original photographs from the First World War, showing life in the trenches, women in wartime, photographs from the German side, scenes from the prisoner of war camp at Pforzheim, ...

Queen Victoria, Grandmother of Europe
A review of European history from the Victorian Era to World War I through the biographies and photographs of Queen Victoria, her children and grandchildren, who occupied many European thrones ducommunity ...

This site has been created for all fans of Ancient Greece
History of Ancient Greece- it's popular persons, daily life and personal names.

World Conflicts Documents Project
World Conflicts Documents Project is a web site about modern history: 19th century, beginning of 20th century,World War 1, World War 2, modern conflicts, weapons' technology, biografies of great statesmen ...

Ray's Miscellany
A history of Bristol, England from it's foundation to WWII.

The Music of Freemasonry
This website is dedicated to the rich history of freemasonry in music. Many composers have written songs and tunes for freemasonry, its various bodies and masonic subjects. Also, many familiar hymns and ...

european graves and funeral culture
You can add photos and information about graves in general or graves of your relatives, or search for graves

The World of the Blue Bells Trilogy
Blogging the fascinating world of medieval Scotland and Europe: history, cultures, politics, religion, clans, geography, traditions, great historical figures, warfare, battles, music, and more, this blog ...