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Tales of American expats in Brussels

Different Day
Thoughts on culture past, present and future.

The Prudent Investor
Analyzing financial and political news permanently I want to share my insight with those who understand that we approach an era of global redistribution of wealth. The US-European centrist approach will ...

standard pattern essay house
Weblog of the Damned. Yours free with two proofs of purchase.

Sam de Bretagne
Blog of an American who (naÔvely) followed a Frenchman back to his homeland.

Quarter Life Crisis
An insight into a twenty-something professional trying to find his way in the world.

Paula's Post Cards

Heavens To Betsie
The usual nonsense where some non-entity witters on about their immensely dull life

CheeseWeb II
The story of two Canadian expats living in Belgium with four cats and a Saint Bernard. Photography and expat tips.

Diary From England
Diary/Journal giving all the latest news/updates from England. Everyone welcome! Please come on in, pull up a chair and join me!

machiruda's life
Bits and pieces about random news and things happening around me (in the Netherlands) or elsewhere.

Scribbles from tenerife
A husband and father shares his views of life from the island of Tenerife, famed for its extraordinarily cheap alcohol. Dog walker, cat feeder, school taxi driver... life under the microscope from a resident ...

Ilona's World
The website of Hungarian writer and reviewer Ilona Hegedus. Ilona writes sci-fi, fantasy and horror, mainly poetry. It includes news about her work, but also short reviews, and links to poems and short ...

Trying to learn French?!
My Attempts to learn french using the powers of the internet with a little help from my girlfriend and tots tv!!

Life, the Universe & Everything
Does God exist? If God does exist, who created him/her? Do Privilege Insurance's breakdown cover rules prove Stcommunity Theory?

Further down the spiral
Random musings occurcommunity to me whilst I should be getting on with something useful.

Life's A Riot
The random ramblings of a 38 year old, slightly unhinged mother of 3

Chitlins and Camembert
Laurent (Versaillais) and Amy (Alabamian) move to the French countryside from New York City to start a new life with their baby Max and big red dog Ella.

The Great Escape @ whangdoodleland
Adventures of two expats bikers in Catalunya on the Costa Brava (or near enough..)

Lady Caos' Blog
Personal blog of an Italian girl.

Life Goggles
This is a journey. A journey into the future. To see whatís new, whatís coming soon, and such and such. We find things that youíll find interesting, useful and, maybe sometimes, amazing. Itís about: solving ...

Honours, even
Just a blog logging my progress (or otherwise) with (very mature) study with the Open University. Also 'normal' things sneak in from time to time (most of the time).

Brights, Nature, Policy, Democracy, Privacy,Human Rights,

An American who moved from Crete, Greece to France blogs about it.

Mannekin Pics
Brussels based photographers blogging photos of the city and it's environs with a short commentary

Philippa's Photography - Incurable Hippie
A blog containing photographs, ideas, discussion and image manipulation tutorials from incurable hippie. All this, plus inspiration from others' photographic work, and technical aspects of photography ...

Athens Dailyb Photo
Photos from Athens, updated daily

American Russia Observation
Contrasts between Russian and American culture in St Petersburg, a look at unusual customs, and occasional entries about expat shopping and cooking.

A whisky blog with dark political notes - the voice of reason with a mouth full of peat smoke/ Uisge-beatha is cuisean eile - guth cheartais is beul na mÚna. This blog seeks to celebrate Scotland's ...

Everyday Women
☆Women Friends Moms☆ & ☆ Musings & Ramblings of a Swedish Woman ☆