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Click Member link to see site in tvDesarapen Tales
Everyday life musings of a mum living in Southern England.

we can see you sneaking out
A diary documenting real-life matters that are just a little too real to put a name to.

fogo von slack
thoughts and questions on international politics and far beyond. by an italian guy moving soon to london.

Four Bees
Bratislava, Brixton, Budapest, Bruxelles, the result of 20 years of food and beverage research in bussing European cities beginning with a B.

Thinking Aloud
A rather random collection of news, thoughts and opinions from an English expat movie geek.

The Legend of Violet, Green and Red
Bloggage from a girl of perfect proportions who gives out free cups of tea and coffee as well as plenty left-wing love. I like 'professing opinions that are not my own' but, to be fair, I also enjoy having ...

Cybernest's British Porn Blog
I am not an expert... but I know a little about Porn on the net as I have been an Adult Webmaster, creating my own sex websites, for a few years. So I thought we would enjoy ourselves with this Porn and ...

Oma is for grandma
reflections, thoughts and stories on and about us: a half-Australian-half-German family

The Technofile
Reviews and features about all the latest hardware & software for creatives: music, video, film, photography, DJing, VJing, design, art, animation, books, courses and more.

Pure London Yarbles
I live in London and I'm full of Yarbles. Hey: isn't life just fantastic? I look around and we've never had it so good. So on my site I just truffle on about what floats my boat from day to day...Oh, ...

My Boyfriend Is A Twat
The story of a single mother and her boyfriend. He's a twat. Did I mention this?

Divine Tigs hialrious and bocommunity life
Day to day, or rather week to week rantings about my bocommunity and hilarious life.{;}

subversives Geblubber
Meinungsbildung von unten.

Gene Eric's Web Log
The Gene Eric weblog

untidy thoughts
my daily untidy thoughts, what i do, me opinionating on anything

Mike's Random Muses
This Blog is an outlet for the random thoughts of an amateur opinionator. {;}{;}What's an opinionator? {;}{;}An opinionator is somebody who has power without responsibility, and the ability to spout off ...

Steve State
Music, Poetry, Improv, Aesthetics, Post-irony, Faux postmodernism....

Just another weblog
Independent thinking by an independent individual? Impossible! That's why this is only my interpretation of reality, whatever the costs may or may not be.

.:Chosen Words
The blog of a twenty-something Norwegian/German student, living in Norway with her Love and their four guinea pigs, trying to survive the winter and bathe as much as possible in the ocean in the summe ...


Pewari's Prattle
'There never was a child so lovely but his mother was glad to get him asleep.' - R W Emerson

Accidental Ramblings
Assorted ramblings accidentally published covecommunity the latest news and current affairs

UK based DJ, VAT Consultant, Father and general lay-about. An eclectic collection of links, inane personal drivel and occassional rants. Some of it may even be interesting and / or useful. But that's more ...

sHeOl RaNtS ANd... StUFf
"A shocking waste of time. Sheol clearly smells of the poops, and I hate him" This blog is my personal shocking waste of time. I would write more, but I clearly smell of the poops. Please read it....it ...

Viper Squad Ten
Musings on life in the present by a traveller from the future, marooned in 21st Century Britain.

One guy, 90% water and 10% lard, bobbling around in a sea of cultural absurdity. Living in Toulouse but born in the UK, this is my personablog with the usual personal opinions and decriptions

My English Years
(Über)leben in einer fremden Kultur - Österreich trifft England

Farting through my Fingertips
Daily-ish ravings as the fancy takes me. You know it makes sense.

Intermittent Creative Twitchings
Fiction and Philosophy, Humour and Observations

Verbal Incontinence in the Indian Subcontinent
A British Asian's journey, not to discover my roots exactly, but to find out where I fit in. At time of writing, that is still London.

Progressive Thinking
I live in a world in which I am a different person from minute to minute, depending on who the beholder is. Come and see the core of my consciousness. Then fuck off.

downbeat blog
The mad ramblings and public humiliations of a 21 year old student learning to laugh at himself

caffeinated bliss
Random ramblings...

London Healer: On A Deeper Level...
London, UK blogger -meditation teacher, energy healer and holistic follower... A few thoughts on spiritual living, randomness and inspiration. Stay tuned... A growing blog, A growing soul.

raskal trippin
hopscotch adventures of an exiled new yorker in berlin

Ukraine in Africa
Site about historical relations between Ukraine and Africa, about Ukrainians in Africa (Mozambique) and other Portuguese speaking countries, also about current situation in Ukraine and about Ukrainian ...

Gibraltar News Online
News, Views, Commentary, Forums and Picture Galleries about Gibraltar, a British Overseas Territory on the tip of the Iberian peninsula - News Updated Daily - Aggregated from many online sources.

Dom's Journey
An unplanned journey of thoughts and photos.

in a bottle
my sos to the world

Cybernest\'s Income Stream Generator Blog
Cybernest\'s Blog about the creation of multiple income streams, Affiliate Marketing and Tips and Tricks for developing your own Residual Income and Internet Home Business

Trunk Guy
Blog of a friendly, easy going gay guy from the UK.

A Californian stuck in the frozen reaches of Central Germany who rambles a lot about everything from the State of Life in Germany to State of Politics in the US.

An embarrassingly candid account of sex, drugs, and, er, other stuff

An American who has lived in Nice, France since 2000.

Tales of a Texpatriate
A travelin' Texas gal moves to Norway and learns all about snow, dried fish, furry boots and wooly hats. Yes indeed, she has stories a plenty!

Heisse Scheisse
A San Franciscan "lady of leisure" in Germany. Interested in the exploits of a West Coast girl pretzel in a "Kraut" fitness studio? Or in the peculiarites of German toilets that turn anyone into scat ...

Diary of a Wage Slave
A put-upon salaryman comments on the insanity of working in a large 21st century company. If you work for a living then you must read this!

Alison Wonderland
I'm a Scottish illustrator living in France with my husband and 2 kids.

Euro Travel Prints
Travel through Europe > Prints > photos & texts

The formerly bocommunity life of a twenty-something Londoner who has packed in her dull job and gone traveling