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Focused on Egyptian goddesses and Mythology moving into the more mystical and spiritual aspects. +List of over 50 goddesses, with descriptions ( many with pictures ) some of the more visited are isis Universal goddess, ( also known as Aset ) Nephthys, Bast , Ma'at, Sekhmet , Neith , Brigid , Artimis , Tiamat ---Other Areas of interest Egyptian mythology, spells, magick, prayers, glossary of Egyptian terms, planets, runes, hieroglyphs, festival days, Pentagram/Pentacle section, original poetry, orignal art, ---section on the kabala/Qabala/Cabala ---Full version of Sefer Yetzirah, Hebrew Letters --Gods section-- Thoth, Osiris, Anubis more coming soon

Crystal Ravenwolf's Journey of Enchantment
The journey of a Hereditary Witch and recovecommunity addict. Book of Shadows, Pagan Recovery Pages, Domestic Violence Page, Wolf Page, Raven Page, and more. Come walk with me as we go through this Journey ...

The Pagan Goddess Website
A fun little site with a GREAT links page and an attitude! :) Come check me out!!!! ;P

Jane's Info Communitys
Communitys associated with my personal information page, which introduces my interest in Women's Spirituality, Goddess Worship and Religious Tolerance

Isis. A formal Shrine of the Correllian Tradition specific to the worship of Isis.