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Crude Oil Price Forecast
Free oil dashboard displays oil price in real time and forecasts price of oil. Oil price forecast is based on model from Hubbert Peak Oil Theory.

Peak Oil , Energy Efficiency , Renewable Energy , Sustainable Develoment
This is a Blog about peak oil , energy crisis , sustainable developement and multimedia. Its like a broadcasting research blog.

Random Rants
Random rants updated sporadically about things that are important to me. Generally speaking that's environmental issues, social policy, and economic sustainability.

Permatopia: a graceful end to cheap oil

Oil Empire: a political map to understand Peak Oil

Peakonomics and Poilitics
The darker side of Peak Oil Premonitions. Includes more info found on economics and politics related to energy. Some controversial material and views about peak oil from both the right and the left of ...

Save and Conserve
Blog features posts about solar energy, wind energy, renewable energy, conservation and peak oil.

This site discusses the energy issue and contains links to news and other blogs.

Rideshare and Carpooling will make a significant dent in our traffic congestion. TrafficBulldog.org is a commuter advocacy group committed to solving our transportation crisis. When we solve traffic ...

Peak Oil Chat
Real time, web based IRC discussion on the impact of the peak in world oil production, consequences, economics, depletion scenarios, permaculture, survival, self sufficiency and more.

Mover Mike

San Francisco Bay Oil
San Francisco Bay Oil is a coalition of Northern California groups concerned with the ramifications of peak oil and surrounding economic, social, and environmental issues.

The Purloined Letter
Quoth the Raven, "Think some more!"

This site provides serious looks at the major environment crises of this century, and the answers based on sustainable living. It is meant to inform the general public, to stimulate discussion, and to ...

The Oil-Logic
A logical approach to understanding Peak Oil and our energy challenges.

The Half Empty Barrel
A blog about peak oil with reviews, videos and articles.

Si Fallor Sum
Si Fallor Sum is dedicated to explocommunity the truths, the wrongs, and walking the lighter side amidst the chaos of approaching darkness. Fiction and Truth. A social commentary editorializing on ...

Boots of Escaping: Environmentalism and Economics of Canada in the face of Peak Oil
A look into environmental and economic issues facing Ontario and Canada in a world of increasing energy costs.

Get better MPG with HHO
Don't wait for the car companies to go green. Convert your car to a Hydrogen hybrid today! We manufacture and install high quality HHO generator units. These units can be used in any car, truck, van ...