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Click Member link to see site in tvHidden Cavern Wolfpack*

Jungle of Wildcats*

Historia Lobuna
This site is about wolves and only wolves and it is in spanish

Alaskan Rose's Homepages*
It's about my love for wild cats, my Alaskan home, some beautiful art work and pictures. I have a few sites that I like and site communitys. I'm a Member of Fantasy Fights and a couple other place. ...

Moores Art Gallery
Original and custom color pencil artwork by Carol Moore. Specializing in wildlife, equine, floral and mystical works of art.

Agnes Art Gallery
Animal fine art: digital paintings. Categories: all type of cats, dogs and wolves, horses, birds, primates, little mammals. Animal families, animal babies.Also fantastic animals.{;}Ritratti di animali: ...

Beautiful Tigers*
This is my MSN Tiger community. It has pics, links, information, free adoptions and lots more.

Stop Animal Abuse
This site is informative in that it explains various forms of animal abuse. There is a page to motivate those not yet motivated. There is a page that teaches kids a little about cacommunity for their ...

Tigers, seahorses & more!*
Infomation, pictures and links on how YOU can help save wildlife from extinction. Includes aye-ayes, cuscus, bull sharks and much, much more!!

White Wolf
Site about wolfs and i also have a Messageboard and Guestbook a view adoped pets and a lot of interesting info on Wolfs.

My Dolphin Page
My interest in dolphins and my other animals of interest

Nature & Photography
The site where you can find many pictures about wlidlife and natural landscapes of differents places of the world.

Guide to wild cats - Pumas, Cougars, Panthers, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards & Cheetahs
Guide to wild cats - Pumas, Cougars, Panthers, Lions, Tigers, Jaguars, Leopards & Cheetahs

Ocean Inspirations
Visit our ocean friends in their environment. Dolphins, Humpbacks, Reef Sharks, Sea Turtles, Octopus' and more. Have a look at my handcrafted dolphin & whale treasure box designs.

Slack Key Man
A little about me, my careers, my heritage, and dedicated to promote peace and protection for each other, Mother Earth and all her creatures.

An extensive natural history of wolves and other canids such as foxes. Includes MANY photographs, section on wolf/canid fossils, wolf sound files, video clips, photo galleries, artwork, free wolf themed ...

Nature is the one thing we did do best. Showing spirit is in all of us. See what I mean.{;}{;}This is not a religous page.

Belgian Lover's Palace*
Come by and visit Belgian Luver's Place. It has awards you can win, communitys you can join, photos, join our top 50 sites list, and so much more. Also visit Spencer the Tervuren, Haven the Dalmatian, ...

ATTENTION: Help save the Amercan Wolf
Info. on Saving the Wolf.

Night Eyes^
My site features North American Endangered Species and Habitats. Awards for the most creative of websites, the Golden Award is only given to Endangered Species websites. Animal Backgrounds and more.

David's Place Themes
Desktop Themes, Wallpapers, Screensavers and icq Skins..

Raven's Mystical Palace^
My site is a compilation of inspicommunity thoughts i've composed. also shows my love for Nature , Family and Friends.

Eve's Place For Anilmal Lovers
My site consists of Poems, short Stories in which I have written. Links such as Environment,Missing Children, Health, Dolphins, Whales, Pandas and Recipes, and much more. I hope you stop by for a visit. ...

White Feather's Realm*
My site is about Eagles and Wolves, Buffalos and more. My site also contains information about my American Indian Heritage of Oglala Lakota.

Everything about this "Beautiful" Creature & so sorely misunderstood Creature Wolf~Canis Lupis{;}

clean world
A dedicated to fighting pollution,helping animals and conservation.

Embrace of the Wolf
Information pictures, writings and links all refecommunity to wolves.

Endangered, At Risk & Extinct Species
Species categorized by Extinct, Extirpated, Endangered, Threatened, Vulnerable, Indetermined and Not at Risk. Links to web sites with similar info and COSEWIC, W.W.F. and Canada/U.S.A. Wildlife, Environment ...

Out of the Earth
Out of the Earth is dedicated to providing safe, natural alternatives to assist with the healing of body, mind and spirit of pets and their people. We specialize in aromatherapy blends and massage, flower ...

Valunicorns Home
family,friends,quilts, charms, and more

Coral Reefs*
1st site"Coral Reefs" informs people how the coral reefs are being destroyed and sea animals are being poisoned and information on the eco system with links to many relative sites.{;}{;}2nd: Dedication ...

Lisle's Den
Personal pages, our family, internet love story, earth and wildlife conservation.

GraWolfe's Den*
A pleasant journey of sight and sound centered around the wolf with a touch of activism for flavor. Shacommunity kinship and friendship with Wolf and any others who happen to drop in. Family/KidSafe

The Thylacine Museum - A Natural History of the Tasmanian Tiger
An online museum dedicated to furthecommunity public knowledge and interest in the thylacine or Tasmanian tiger, a carnivorous marsupial of Australia.

Wildlife Art by Steve Greco
Professional wildlife art by Steve Greco. Classes available in Wakefield Massachusetts.

WildLyfe Images & Fantasy Art*
Pen & Ink drawings of wildlife, domestic and non-domestic pets, and fantasy material. Prints, cards and more offered.

Tribute to Choctaws,tribute to redwolf,truibute to my husband and he to me,tribute to our animals

The Nuzzled Network
The Nuzzled Network responds to violence and cruelty against animals. We seek to strengthen and enforce laws against animal crimes, and advocate the successful prosecution of those who perpetrate crimes ...

The Mystical Place*
The Mystical Place, where unicorns, dragons and wolves abound in harmony.

Purr and Hoggie's Cyberhome*
A very personal account of our life with our pets, a commitment to help all living creatures.

Wildlife - The Lynx: A Fight for Survival
The Lynx is ideally suited to a winter forest habitat...from its lush, warm coat, to its distinctive, oversized paws, this magnificent cat moves with quiet grace across the snow. Fewer than 800 lynx survive ...

Becky's Wildlife and Fantasy Art
Professional wildlife and fantasy art by Rebecca Kemp. Includes foxes, big cats, wolves, birds, insects and much more!

Endangered Wildlife Links Page
This is a links page to wildlife from all over the world. With over 3000 pages with fact and pictures of wildlife.

My site is all about love for all animals.

Boss Mare's Barn
Personal Homepage

Manda's Animal Page
This site is still in the making but it has animals on it already

Myztik sirit page
this is a spirit page

Tala's Den
This is a site infroming people about wolves. You can also submit your own picture or stories to me and i can view them then put them up.This site also has a message board and you can view the picture ...

Save The Elephants
This site tells you about elephant conservation and elephant breeding programs in zoos, circuses and breeding centers worldwide.

Wildwood Trust
Wildwood Trust Kent's Unique Woodland Discovery Park between Canterbury & Herne Bay. From owls to otters, badgers to beavers, and wild boar to wolves, experience close encounters with native wildlife ...