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Explore the magickal fantastickal worlds of EnchanteD EncounterS Community! Hand-picked sites with ons of information. Breeze through wondrous sites, beautiful places, soar in the realms of Magick!

Gypsy's Tavern
Gypsy\'s Tavern is an educational site with tolerance promotion in mind. It is designed to educate on Majik and General Paganism and to dispell the myths and misconceptions that are out there in the world. ...

Danus Grove
Anything Wiccan

Sonyred's New Age Corner
Find candles, oils, incence meanings.

Lady Raven's Book of Shadows
My Wicca site. Devoted to my beliefs and thoughts.

Kerry and TurtleHeart, The Cauldron of Pagan Graphics
Welcome and enjoy the abundance of healing artwork and poetry. Graphics, background sets, more animal graphic and pagan links, and Kerry and TurtleHearts new book "Cobwebbed and Spider Strewn", Pagan Poetry ...

Book of Shadows
A huge Eclectic online Book of Shadows (BoS). Contains information on Wicca, Rituals, Spells, Chants and Songs, The Wiccan Rede, 13 Principles of Wiccan Belief, Charges of the Goddess and the God, Correspondences ...

Fantasy Realms
This site features fantasy stories that I wrote, co-wrote or revised. Also features fantasy pictures and a funpage which shows my crazy side!!!!{;}

My world of Quotations, Poetry, Inspirational writings, Toasts and Music; experienced as a journey through Fantasy and Mystery.

Daugters Of Eden
Home of the "Daughters Of Eden" coven. We've got images, information, spells and much more!

Crossroads Church of Wicca and Pagan Grove
A site that has alot of wicca and witchcraft related subjects from a book of shadows, spells, recipes, poetry etc.

Lunar Pearl Pagan Webpage
Site with lots of informations for newbies and oldies *smile*

Spiritual Journey
Dedicated to the principles and understanding of spiritual growth, we welcome friends of many paths with the belief that every individual has a right to their own beliefs. Spirits, Divination, Dreams, ...

Pagan blessing and certificates
Most people need a religion to help guide them through life's challenges and difficult moral decisions. Recognizing how the power of religious rituals, methods, and communication can impact human behaviour, ...