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Call 'em tits, boobs, jugs, knockers, bazooms, blinkers, beamers, tatas, highbeams, headlights, hooters, honkers, fun bags, melons, cup cakes, chesticles, bobos, mangos, dumplings, yabbos, lil' brown suckies, bahama mamas or the 'girls'.. every woman's got 'em and one must admit, be they boy or girl, those sweater puppies are the original Weapons of Mass Distraction! C'mon Ladies don't tiptoe around your sexuality, take pride in your bodies girls.. and that includes that set of 'Dirty Pillows' you're sporting! Revel in your womanhood, rejoice in your femininity and join BLOGGERS WITH BOOBIES!

Miz BoheMia's Rhapsody
A San Franciscan at heart, welcome to the realm of the quirky, eccentric, explosive, unabashed, unashamed & absolutely unapologetic... Miz BoheMia! Enter at your own risk.

The Erotic Journal of Juno Henry
The best and the worst of my life… as written in all honesty, behind the obvious facade. (Adult content, over 18s only.)

Straight Talking
Really clevor people click on my site.

That Grrl
Canadian scribbler, drawing stick figure grrl cartoons, writing and taking photos of abandoned farm houses as a hobby.