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These community's site contains pages about enchanting, mystical, magical creatures. Fairies, dragons, elves, gnomes, pixies, sprites, or whom ever has touched your life or heart in any way. Song, movie, book, poem, or personal introduction. Any page/site is welcome in My Community.{;} If you want to join you may. NO PORN OR ADULT SITES!!! THOSE TYPE WILL BE REFUSED!! ONLY FAMILY FRIENDLY SITES

Emerald's City of Links
Emerald's City of Links Community HomePage. All the information you will need for the Community.

Lady Pablova's World
My world fantasy. Includes shrine to The Last Unicorn And The Labyrinth. So much stuff to have fun for hours ^_^

Fairy Hollow
My site is dedicated to the belief in Fairies. I have books, greeting cards,graphics,links,tips on attracting Fairies to your home and garden...and much more...come enter the Mystical World Of Fairie ...

Fabiana Kofman -Pinturas
Art site of the argentinian Fabiana Kofman, she takes you to her world of realistic paintings, inspiration, fantasy and light.Maidens, dolphins, interiors, Greece, angels, and more. Spanish and english ...

aesthetic reproductions
a page for venting my thoughts. a cluster of fairies, music, poetry, and a tribute to judy garland.

the faerie realm
my dark faerie site with the darker side of the fey, goth stuff and my own writings and art

This is my site of dolls that I made using various drag and drop dollmakers that I found on the web. I have faeries,girls,goths,silents,minis and wonderkins. I also have links to drag and drops I used. ...

Crystals by Rob
This site is about crystals and gemstones. How to program, cleanse and charge your crystals. An extensive list of gemstones with their healing properties and related chakras. Some crystals and gemstones ...

Doll adoptions and websets created by me. Lots to see. Looking forward to your visit. Luvs, Mischief

Mystique Illusions
everything faery! my site is undergoing a complete and total reconstruction at the moment... but there are galleries, free for all link pages, friendship quilts... multiple guestbooks and surveys and voting ...

Dolls fun games all sorts of crazy stuff!

Divine Love Light Readings
Providing an in-depth understanding of how magick works, & why. Professional psychic readings & spell-casting for love, money, luck, self-improvement, & more. Win a free reading! Prayer requests welcome. ...

3D Artist From Greece
All the 3d artist from greece are welcome to join the community whatever 3d program they use. In the community home page there is a huge member gallery with fantasy, sci-fi, interior design and other ...

A Journal of a Poet - The Goddess as my Muse
A poet questions her faith and is unable to write until she discovers the teachings of the Goddess, and discovers a peace and serenity within herself, allowing her to love herself again and thus, to write ...

A website about myself and the things I'm interested in. It's also the cyber home for everything I've adopted from various places on the internet.

Taylor Ridge ~Castle in the Clouds~
Greetings & Salutations ~ You are invited to attend the Castle in the Clouds & find an adventure. There are secrets within the Castle Walls & you are about to embark on a treasure hunt to solve them. ...

Lady Natasha's Realm
This is where I bcommunity realty and Fantasy together

Fantasys Realm
{;}let the magic begin.. A tribute to 9-11-2001 memory gifs, poems, midis, let us not forget the victims.. Linked to Fantasys realm..dedications..poems, Fkeys..postcards..slide show..lots to see the fairies ...

The Sael Fairy Adoption Center
There are so many fairies looking for good homes! Come see

pixies meadow
come take a journey through enchantment...

Jayne's Poetry Corner
Self written poetry one realism and fantasy.

Smiley's Place
Come smile with me, I'm sure you will like what I have here in Smiley's Place *S*

Fantasy Realms
This site features fantasy/adventures stories that I wrote, co-wrote or revised. Also includes fantasy pictures of unicorns, fairies, mermaids...

Romantic and Intimate Gifts
Romance and intimate gifts of love presented with elegance and style. Thoughts on love, romance and all kinds of good things. PSP tutorials too!

Spiritwhispers and Heartsongs
An enchanting site of spiritual poems and songs from the heart. Check back often for inspiration.