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they are few and far between, but there are men out there whose sites reflect their personality in ways which are male-rare. filled with visual appeal and literary charm, they break preconcieved molds allowing the world to take a gander at what makes them unique.

~ elderflower ~
One late bloomer point of view; sometimes a second look at second youth with fond memories of youth one; sometimes public affairs and politics; sometimes poetry to rip your ears off and break your hea ...

Progressive Thinking
I live in a world in which I am a different person from minute to minute, depending on who the beholder is. Come and see the core of my consciousness. Then fuck off.

You are my Conscious
A writer's blog about books, film, privacy, free speech, and astrology.

The Personal Journal of Michael Baker
A journal of a 19 year old college guy trying to hold his family together and maintain a bizarre relationship.

Lactose Intolerant
A blog about nothing served up california style

The weblog of a 24-year-old Australian from Melbourne containing rants about politics, literature, philosophy, history or anything else which takes his fancy.

Nessun Dorma
A journal about me and my life in Barcelona

The Vintage Diarist
A site for the viewing of "Steps," a man's personal, unabridged journal, with recent entries, abundant links, and some submissions back to the 1970's.

theDreamworld: a place of community for gays of all ages, and a source of poetry and stories by theDreamer.

My more often than weekly, but not quite daily, musings, ramblings, and life-record.

Ron's Log
A personal web log that might include humor, libertarianism, gay issues, politics, cycling and technology info.

land of the honeybear
The (almost daily) journal of a Swarthmore College student who enjoys making and listening to music, faking being a pessimist, and attempting to rationalize human behavior with his own limited life experience. ...

The Enigmatic Musings of a Cynical Mind
The random, wry, ascerbic,cynical and sometimes humorous thoughts,ideas, and odservations of a man trapped in a world he did not make.

Ira Dei
Blog about the life of an Argentinian boy, who slowly falls in the insanity. Check up for the days that it take.

I'm Not A Child Anymore
The semi-daily musings of an eighteen-year-old trying to prove to the world he's not a child anymore. And along the way, it'd be nice to prove the same to himself.

Meaningful Connections
My site is dedicated to harnessing and focusing my energies on making and sustaining meaningful connections with myself and external reality. My catagories of major interest include: significant psychological ...

maybe it's just me
a queer struggling to fulfill his personal urges and his array of straight friends'...

The Musings of a Not-So-Naked Civil Servant
An homage to the spirit of Quentin Crisp, the last of the stately homos of England. No, I don\'t fancy myself to be the 21st century\'s answer to Mr. Crisp, but I am, after all, a civil servant - though ...

Life & Times of KewlTampaSir
It's the journey that matters. Life and times of a male, ex-emergency medical nurse, attending college as an Anthropology major.

Luscious Desert
Born and raised in Ohio, a man moves back after 20 years and tries to work it all out. Along for the ride is his dog.

joey46556\'s webpage
hey this is my site with poetry, pictures, and resources for young gay people

Urban Distinction
The personal website of a young gay guy from London, UK

Mister Zen's Journey
The Journal of a Man Who Looks Backwards and Forwards--And Tries To Remain Mindfully in the Moment

better off dead
lamentations of a 20 year old flip

Danz Family
Conservative family blog, website and a whole lot more from Tulsa, Oklahoma.