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Honocommunity the United States Marine Corps and all other branches of the Armed Forces. May you all stand proud.

Bob's Home Page

My POW/MIA Index
This is an index of my adopted POW/MIAs with links to thier Sites as well as other sites.

Marine Corps League Auxiliary
Site of the Marine Corps League Auxiliary-Department of Illinois. We are the wives, widows, sisters, mothers, stepmothers, grandmothers, granddaughters, daughters, stepdaughters of Marines who have served ...

Amethyst Heart
This is a Tribute to L/Cpl Bernard Himes KIA 17 May, 1968 in Southern Quang Nam Province, Vietnam.He served with the 3rd Battalion 27th Marines.

My Former Life
A compliation of stuff I like - running, my time as a jarhead (USMC), humor, and Foolishness.

saluting these fine veterans (men & women)never forgetting what they've done & never letting others forget either

Gunny Miller's LZ
This site has links to various web pages throughout the Internet containing Marine Corps material. It also has pics of various military aircraft with a strong Helicopter background.

A Tribute: Let Us Remember and Be Grateful
This site is part of my family site and is a tribute to POW-MIAs, Veterans, and Marines and service men still serving.

tribute to Veterans, the Marines and Oklahoma Sooners...and much more{;}

Tribute to all Veterans, especially, POW/MIA's. Applets and Photos.

A brief history of the corps accompanied by pictures. Includes detailed arms pages and personal stories.

Mom's Vietnam Vet Message Board & Buddy Search
Buddy Search and Message Board. Help with VA claims with info on PTSD and AO. Tributes and poetry written by and for other Veterans.

Tom's Marine Corps Memories Page
A webpage created and maintained by Tom LaLumiere giving details of his service in the United States Marine Corps.

Critter's Veteran's Links and Home Page
A compilation of Veteran's Links, links for Vietnam Vets.

My USMC adopted POW/MIA
A very special page honocommunity a Marine that has been missing, presumed dead since 1970 in South Vietnam. A few stats, and short bio of the scenario of his demise while serving his country.

Memorial Day Tribute
This site is a Memorial Day tribute to all who have served and are with us only in spirit.

Wildgun's C Troop 11th Cav
My site is in Honor and Memory of those who served in my Plt in Vietnam. Information on PTSD, Agent Orange and much more

Khe Sanh Combat Base Memories 1967
My personal memories of Khe Sanh Combat Base Vietnam 1967.Six pages,pictures,Honor,memorial,my views{;}on the war and POW/MIA issues,draft doggers,and protesters.

International Brotherhood Of Walking Wounded
Going forth around the world for peace and healing. We are a non-profit organization enabling former combatants and their families to meet with other former combatants from other "conflicts" so they may ...

The Drifter One Proud Marine
My Marine Life, Family, Friends, Memorial, and Literature

USA KIA/DOW Family Foundation
Helping family of U.S. Armed forces with KIA by remembecommunity the patriotism, "selfless consecration," and ultimate price paid by their relative(s) for God and country. "All gave some... Some gave all." ...

A Marine's Home
Discribes the m-16 and gives you the spec. on it. I have a few Vietnam-links. I tell you how they mine coal today.

1964 Vietnam 1975
My site is for all veterans, men and women who have served honorably. It is also for all patriotic Americans.

Tribute to Michael Barry Turner, Pfc-USMC
Tribute to Michael Barry Turner, Pfc-USMC - He's more than a name upon a wall. He was a soldier, a brother, a son, and a friend...

Missing...without a trace
personal site created for my \'adopted\' pow/mia