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The changing perspective of Politics


The term politics has always been the focal point of every society. In other words, it can be said that it is a process through which a group of people make decisions. It provides the techniques and methods to rule over the state. However, the concept and applicability of politics are not confined to government bodies rather it is present in every walk of life including academic, religious and corporate institutions.


The specific works of politics are:

  • In the present context, it gives the power to the common people to elect their government.
  • Defines the techniques on how to govern the State.
  • Makes the policies for the common people.
  • Defines the methods and tactics on how to apply the policies.
  • Establishes the amicable relationship between center and state.
  • Establishes the socio-economic and political relationship between government (i.e. State) and people.
  • Designs the foreign policy of the country. 


For generations, we have witnessed different types of government such as:


  • Monarchy: In this form of government, the supreme power of the government is assigned to an individual and he is commonly known as the Monarch. In the ancient and medieval period, monarchy was the most common form of government across the world.
  • Aristocracy: It is a form of government which is formed by a selected group of people. The members of the group are selected from the elite class of people including the soldiers posted at higher post, leading merchants, priest, lawyers and landowners.
  • Democracy: In this form of government, power to govern is given to some of elected representatives or politicians. These politicians are directly or indirectly elected by the people of respective countries.      


Moreover, the term politics is a dynamic term that does not have a fixed meaning or form.

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