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Click Member link to see site in tvASCII Sig Art
A big file containing the nearly lost art of ASCII drawings.

Animal Styles in Shaolin
A description of various animal styles in Shaolin Gung-fu.

Martial Arts Sig Quotes
Sig quotes about the Martial Arts I have collected over the years. Share & Enjoy.

General purpose Sig Quotes, Page 3
Part of my collection of sig quotes. Picked up through over a decade of net crawling.

Page 5 of general sig quotes
page 5 of my collection of general sig quotes

NPR on the NRA
NPR lies about the NRA and gets called on it.

A short political quiz
A short political quiz. Humorous unless you're a liberal and that you will take it way too serious.

What is the Militia in America
Legal cites on what the militia is and who is in it.

Images of the Flag
Pictures of flags

Viviana on a combat drop
A background story for a character in the Big Band Theory Traveller PBEM game.

My Space Vermin Page
My history in the Space Vermin

Traveller Imperial Tarot Deck
A project I'm working on.

My Blog
My blog...

Pictures from the Liberation of Bagdad
Some pictures I grabbed from the TV News of a statue of Saddam going down!

pictures of my town
Images from around town.

My town pictures page 2
More pictures from around town.

Support Eclipse's Web Warren
Support this site.

RKBA sigs, Part V
Part five of a list of signature quotes about the Right to Keep and Bear Arms

Ann Coulter Quotes
Quotes by and about the blonde diva of Right, Ann Coulter.

Space Vermin RPG Association: Battle Technology
The Space Vermin Battletech/Mechwarrior Campaign.

Political sigs, Page 10
page 10 of various sig quotes of a political nature.

Demockracy Comic
Sadly ended, this webcomic was well written and well drawn. It had a conservative slant, and was topical and very funny.

Pulp Hunters - House Rules
House Rules for my T20 PBEM game, Pulp Hunters.

Kempo History
A brief history of Kempo in America.

Traveller Combat Armor
Some of my thoughts on Traveller combat armor.

Pictures from Evanston, IL
Pictures from a trip to Evanson, IL in April 2005.

A review of SPACE:1889 by Ted7
A review of the Steampunk RPG Space:1889 by Mitch "Ted7" Schwartz

Pictures of Laguna Beach, A
Pictures from a trip to Laguna Beach, CA.

Kempo FAQ - Other Systems
KEMPO/KENPO FAQ: Components and Other Systems

A fictional company I created as part of the TNE Pocket mailing list effort to bcommunity Reavers' Deep in the TNE setting.

Yosemite pictures Page 5
Page five in a series of pictures taken by me in Yosemite National Park in California.

People and Systems of Kempo
People and systems of Kempo. Part of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ.

Libertarian Fiction
Good reading!

Page 2 of pictures from Yosemite
Page two in a series of pictures from Yosemite National Park.

Political books
My picks for political books.

Polysigs Page 9
Page 9 in a series of political sig quotes.

Travelling in San Francisco
I was in San Francisco and met up with Doug Berry & Glenn Goffin, both also players of the Classic SciFi RPG Traveller.

Epic Science Fiction
Great SF.

General Sigs, Page 7
Page 7 of my collection of sig quotes that don't fit in other catagories.

Scouting on the Web
Scouting on the Web.

Stray pictures, page 3
Page 3 of stray pictures.

Political sig quotes, page 8
The 8th page in an ongoing collection of poltical sig quotes.

James Mitose's Kempo Instructor
A bit of Kempo history.

Images from Toronto
Pictures from when I was in Toronto, Summer of 2004.

The planet were the characters in my PBEM Traveller game started.

Political Sig Quotes, Page 12
The 12th installment in a collection of politically themed signature quotes.

Military sig quotes, page 2
Page 2 of a collection of sig quotes of a military nature.

Computer & Internet Geek Stuff
Stray nerd links

Political Sigs, Page 11
The 11th in a collection of politically oriented sig quotes.

Page 8 of left over sig quotes
More sig quotes that didn't fit in the other catagories.