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Click Member link to see site in tvMy PalmPilot page
This page is about my various Palm computers. It also has original etext (part of the palmetext community) and links to palm devices & sites.

Good Reading
Some books (and music & films) I recommend

Random Items of Interest
Stray links

SF links
My main Science Fiction Page

3D Art using Poser
Showing what a non-artist can do with the right software.

Coffee pictures
Pictures about coffee

Role Playing Games
A list of Role Playing Game books

Cool SF
Some cool SF I have liked.

Images of Yosemite
Some pictures from some of my trips to Yosemite National Park.

KEMPO/KENPO FAQ: Direction, Differences and Different Styles
Part of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ.

Page 6 of Political Quotes
Yet another page of political sig quotes

Where's FASA?
The producer of many RPG products, FASA Corp. has gone out of business. Some of their products got picked up.

Sig Quotes about Role Playing Games
sig quotes about Role Playing Games

Page 2 of RPG sigs
More RPG Sig quotes

Political Language Drift
A guide to how language drifts when political parties change power.

Women Smoking Cigars
Pictures of Women Smoking Cigars

Shadowrun 2nd Edition Combat initative examples.
Shadowrun 2nd Edition Combat initative examples.

Hillary Rodham Clinton Sig Quotes
Quotes by and about HRC, who now sits in the seat of a New York Senator.

Wadcutter, a Noir intro
It started with the opening line...

Online Comics I read
Free Fall, User Friendly, Mallard Fillmore, Suburban Jungle (Tiffany Tiger), ATTACK CARTOONS!, Kevin & Kell, Schlock Mercenary, and more daily funnies online.

Coffee & Caffine Sig Quote
Quotes about my prefered drug of choice: Caffine!

A few words on Politics
A few of my political views, which are bound to piss somebody off...

Steele & Strasse Families across the Multiverse.
Two common names I use in Role Playing Games are Steele & Strasse. Here is a history of their use in various games.

Home of the Palm Etext community
Home of a community dedicated to etext formated for PALM OS handheld PDA units.

A look into Handgun Control Inc.
An honest look into one of the largest, and best funded victim disarmement (i.e. pro-criminal) groups operating in American today.

Political Sigs Part 5
Part 5 of my collection of Political Sig Quotes.

A Right of the People
A clearly defined right of the People.

Gunny Steele's second log entry
Gunny Steele on the Kennedy Space Station. Meeting old friends, making new ones.

Gear of the UN Marines assigned to the Drake
Part of a Traveller PBEM game with a 'Near Earth' setting.

images of Washington, D.C.
Pictures from a trip to D.C.

Polictical sigs, page 1
Page one of many of political sig quotes colleged from years on the net.

LINUX adventures
Me playing around with LINUX.

Nick Cerio History
Some background history on the Late Nick Cerio, founder and grandmaster of Nick Cerio's Kenpo

The Misguided Mom March
Some truth facts about the Misguided Mom March held in Washington, D.C.

Some stray Clinton Quotes
Some more blasts from the Clinton Past

A T20 PBEM game set in Year 1000
A PBEM Traveller game I'm running called Pulp Hunters.

Political Comics
Some political comics I like and my views on them.

Why I am Dilbert
Livin' the vida Dilbert.

Garda-Vilis Landgrab
detailing a world in the Traveller universe.

The Update page
Updates are rarely listed here.

A martial arts timeline
Some history on the maritial arts

CMD GM Kim jailed for tax fraud
Not a good place to sink you money.

Trader Garek Sung finds a new job
Part of a F2F Traveller game I ran.

Sig Quotes, page 6
Page six of general sig quotes, collected from years of surfing...

Pictures from Atlanta, GA
From a recent trip there.

P.J. O'Rourke Quotes
The funniest conservative political humorist to come out of The National Lampoon.

Page 3 - Political Sigs
Sig quotes on politics collected from around the net. Third in a series.

3D Tarot Art
My attempt at some tarot card designs using the Poser Software.

My picks for military Science Fiction
I like to read military science fiction.{;}Here are some the ones I recommend.

Martial Arts Books
My picks for Martial Arts Books.