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Click Member link to see site in tvA point of clarification
Cleacommunity up what the Traveller "foil" really is.

I liked Norb!
A short post about Daniel Pinkwater's short lived comic strip Norb.

Computer Sig Quotes, Part 2
Page 2 of computer related sig quotes collected from years of net.life.

Ted7's guide to Traveller Alien Races
Ted7's big list of alien Races for the Classic SF RPG Traveller.

Science Fiction Sig Quotes
SciFi related signature quotes collected over a decade of .net dwelling.

Captain Steele shuffles the TO&E
Not of of command is combat. Sometimes it's wading through the red tape.

Swords in Traveller
One of my rants on Swords in the Classic SF RPG Traveller.

Shadowrunners clubing in Boston
Our band of Shadowrunners hit the Boston night life in search of answers. Part of the Space Vermin Shadowrun campaign.

Why Dodger stays in Deep Space
A character from the Traveller Near Earth Campaign.

women with tattoos
A follow up to the women smoking cigars page.

3D Action poses
Some of my work with the program Poser

3D SF & Fantasy
More of my work with Poser.

18 Lohan Hands of Shaolin
A bit of martial arts history

Tipper Gore on Role Playing Games
First Lady wanna-be Tipper Gore has some rather boneheaded views on the hobby of Role Playing Games. Her views on the subject are the nonsense I'd expect from Pat Robertson, not a high profile democra ...

The American Creed
Not the motto...

A brief history of Traveller
A review of the publishing history of Marc Miller's Classic Science Fiction Role Playing Game, Traveller.

A brief history of the Martial Art Kempo
Part of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ document.

Poser link
links to other poser sites

Time Travel and Alternate History Sci Fi
Books about alternate histories and time travel.

Military History Books
Books I like on Military History

Kempo/Kenpo on the Net
Home of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ. Local material & links to Kempo organizations, dojos & people.

Traveller CBEs currently under development
The Classic SF RPG describes a Combat Environment Suit. Such a suit is currently under development by the US Military.

Home of the Space Vermin
Home of the Space Vermin RPG Association.

The Ex-First Couple
A site detailing the long National Nightmare known as the Clinton Adminstration.

Babe of Bronze
Pat Savage, Cousin to Famous Pulp Hero Doc Savage.

Monk Mayfair: Doc Savage Aide
One of the aides to Pulp Hero Doc Savage.

Clinton Sigs, Chapter 4
Fourth in a series of sig quotes about & by the main characters in the 8 year national nightmare known as the Clinton Administration.

Norm's Superhero diary
From the Space Vermin's Champanion's campaign.

Home Pages I like
Home pages of People I like or find interesting or both...

Uniforms & ranks for Steele's Spartans
A bit of background on the Mercenary Unit Steele's Spartans. Part of the Space Vermin Battletech RPG campaign.

Political Sigs, Page 4
Page 4 in my series of Political Sig Quotes.

Kempo Family Trees
Part of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ, family Trees

Personal Log: United Nations Marine Gunnery Sergeant Quentin Norton Steele
An introduction to a character in a PBEM Traveller game.

Traveller Links
Links to sites about The Classic SF RPG Traveller.

Dutchess County - Empire State for Crimson Skies
A write up of Dutchess County, NY for the game Crimson Skies.

Traveller Flying Saucer
A quick Flying Saucer designed using the Quick Ship Design System for Traveller.

Alexander's adventures
A character from a very short lived Amber PBEM game.

GURPS Books, including Traveller
RPG books, focusing on GURPS & GURPS Traveller

Sir Jace Pedersen, a T20 Character
A character genetrated using the d20 Traveller ruleset.

A Terran Confederation Naval Ensign with a big job...
"Terran Naval officers were dispatched throughout the Vilani Empire. . . . more than 100,000 naval officers were dispatched to the worlds of the Vilani Empire, to take control of the reigns of government, ...

House Plants of Gor
This kinda sums up the series...

Military links
Links of a military nature

A discussion on powered infantry armor
Power Armor Thread from sci.military[.moderated]

Traveller communitys
A list of the various communitys about the classic SF RPG Traveller.

Published Traveller Fiction
If you like Traveller, check out these books.

Dan Ranks
A Japanese language lesson for Martial Artists.

Just who is that Eclipse Guy anyway?
Who I am, and whom I am not...

Standard Disclaimer
A standard Disclaimer for use of this website...

Copyright Notice
My copyright Notice

My Sig Quote files
My collection of Signature Quotes I have collected from over a decade of crawling through the net...