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A very American Martial Art founded in Hawaii. A blend of Karate, Kempo, Judo, boxing and Chinese boxing, with a bit of Escrima thrown in for good measure.

Doc Savage Publishing history
A list of all the published Doc Savage Novels.

Women in Pulp
Not all pulp heros were men.

page 2 of SF sig quotes
Second in an ongoing series of Science Fiction related sig quotes

Pictures from Chicago
Pictures from various trips to Chicago.

My picks for good flicks
Movies I like.

Part 3 of Clinton sigs
page 3 of things said by and about the thankfully ex-President & 1st Lady, Bill y Jeff Clinton & Hillary Clinton (who sits in the seat of a New York Senator).

communitys at my site
A list of some the communitys I belong to.

Guy Flicks
Movies for men.

Traveller Gearhead community Homepage
The community for custom build gear for the Classic SF RPG Traveller.

Page 3 of RKBA quotes
One of series of pages containing quotes suitable for sigs about the Right to Keep & Bear Arms. A right of the American people.

Poser Art Exercises
Mucking around the 3D human figure modeling program called Poser.

I knew them back...
A couple of people I knew in High School & College who have reached a reasonable level of fame.

General Sig Quotes, part 4
collected from years of surfing the net.

Eclipseweb Community Homepage
Home page of the community linking all my webpages together. Subject matter varies widely.

Eclipse's Web Warren
My speedbump on the Misinformation triple-bypass. On line and providing information since 1995! Info on RPGs, Science Fiction, Politics, Kempo, Military information and reviews of books, games & mov ...

Eclipse's Martial Arts Page
My general martial arts site. Info on Japanese/Korean/Chinese/American/etc. martial arts.

An interesting branch of Cyberpunk, Steampunk.

Right to Keep and Bear Arms
This site documents the Consitutional Right to Keep and Bear Arms. You will find legal links, links to pro-RKBA net.dwellers and informations on those Anti-Consitutional groups that seek to make America ...

Kennedy Sigs
Quotes about or by various members of the Kennedy clan.

Doc Savage FAQ
The Famous Doc Savage FAQ, on line since 1995.

Venice, a water world in Reavers' Deep
My write up done ducommunity the TNE:Pocket Empires Mailing List timeframe.

News Sources
Keep up with the news!

Science & Technology
Hard Science can be cool!

Winged beings made with Poser
Me mucking with Poser.

RPG art using poser
Some RPG art I've produced using Poser.

Page 2 of misc sig quotes
Sig quotes, on various topics

sig quotes, page 1 of a series
First page in a series containing random signature quotes

Latin Sigs
Pithy quotes in Latin

page 2 of RKBA sigs
Page 2 of a series of RKBA sigs

The first of series of sigs about the National Nightmare known as the Clinton Administration
First of the Clinton sig pages

RKBA Sigs, page 1
page 1 of my collections of sig quotes about the Right of the People to Keep and Bear Arms, and the anti-Consitutition faction that wants to ban that right, and thus create a safer working environment ...

Political Sigs, page 2
Part 1 in a series of collected sig quotes of political nature, focusing on American politics.

One of Ralph's mornings
A morning in the life of Steele's Spartans Tech Ralph Sherman. Original fiction written by me set in the SF RPG Battletech universe.

My Rants
I'm not in Dennis Miller's class, but I've been known to rant.

Traveller Maintenance Blues
A story to point out why players should keep their ship in good running order.

Some truths about Democrats
Some truths about democrats that they don't want you to know.

Organizations that teach Villari Kempo
Martial Arts organizations directly decended from Fred Villari's Shaolin Kempo.

Computer Sigs
sig quote about computers & the computer industry.

Bill of No Rights
A Bill of No Rights for those who don't grok the Bill of Rights.

Counte Dante - Martial Arts Legend
A description of the man who brought Karate to the eyes of the average kid by advertising in comic books.

Page 2 of Clinton sigs
More evils of the Clintons

Page 2 of stray pictures
Page 2 of pictures that didn't fit anywhere else.

Stray pictures
Pictures that didn't fit in the other catagories.

Kajukenbo community home
Home of the Kajukenbo Community. Kajukenbo is a martial art that was founded in Hawaii.

Kempo Grandmaster List
An incomplete list of Kempo Grandmasters.

Gunnery Sergeant Steele meets Spanky
Part of the log kept by one of my Traveller characters. This one is set in a Near Earth, pre-contact, NOTU (non-official Traveller Univers).

Dodger arrives at Kennedy Station
Another character in a Traveller game looks forward to being in space again.

Review of Traveller's Aide #1
I did a review of the RPGrealms/Quiklink Interactive publication, Traveller's Aide #1,

Review of TA#2
My review of Traveller's Aide #2