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This is a community of all my pages, spanning multiple servers (Urbin.net & Geocities). Topics include: Martial Arts; Politics; 3D graphics; Role Playing Games; General Computer info; News; books; Science Fiction; and a bunch of other stuff.

Marines of the UNS Drake
TO&E of the Marines in the Space Vermin "Near Earth" Traveller Campaign.

My main RPG Page
My main RPG page

The books of Roger Zelazny
The books of one of my favorite authors.

Pictures of American War Memorials
Pictures of various War Memorials I have takend.

Images of Westborough I have on Flickr
In addition to pictures I have on my site, I have some on Flickr. These are pictures I took in Westborough, MA.

Cyberpunk books
My picks for Cyberpunk

Politics and religion
Political stuff

The Grav Pickup
One of the Vehicles used in my Pulp Hunters T20 PBEM game.

Political sigs, Page 7
Yes, still more in the of political sig quotes.

The Hidalgo, a T20 Scout Ship
The ship used in my T20 PBEM game.

Details on the Hidalgo
The gearheading behind the ship.

Bill Clinton's Letter explaining why he went AWOL from the ROTC
Proving that Billy Jeff Clinton could weasel way back.

Images of Cambridge
Pictures I have taken in Cambridge, MA.

Rule #6
Tech Ralph Sherman teaches two younger techs Rule #6. Fiction based on the Space Vermin Battletech Campaign. Rule #6 is from Richard Marcinko's Ten Commandments of SpecWar.

Sig Quotes of a Military nature...
More sigs, of a military nature.

It's Ancient & Secret!
The ancient & secret celtic martial art...Greenoch! There now that you know of it, expect the Green Druid to find you and silence you...

Infantry in the 21st Century, Part 1
Part of a really cool thread on sci.military back in 1991.

My pics for horror books
I'm not much into Horror, but I like these.

Music I like
Good music.

More pictures from Washington, D.C.
More pictures from D.C.

Hemlock Gorge pictures
These pictures are from a small park which the Charles River runs through.

Wins of the Clinton Administration
Wins of the Clinton Administration.

Key members of the Clinton Team
To think these people ran the country...

Home page of the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ
Starting page for the Kempo/Kenpo FAQ

What is the World Council of Sokes?
What is the World Council of Sokes, not one of these three organizations it seems...