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The third community in the trilogy of DykeWrite.

Beauty In The Eye of the Beholder
My site is just a blog where I am working out html things, and updating a lot.

are the stars out tonight?
{;}life and stuff as described by a twenty-something bi british student, looking for, uh, whatever.

Creepy Lesbo
UK based lesbian spouts self-indulgent drivel in an attempt to feel better about life.

Do I Sound Different When I'm in Love?
It's just me, trawling through everything from my love to where work are sending me on my next business trip. Oh, and everything else in between and round about that!{;}

Everyday life of a single femme lesbian in Georgia
Just a little about my day to day life... dating...playing... and working

Vanessa's blog
Diary of a bored summer in London with no money to spend. {;}

to thy own self be true
{;}dreams and dramas of a 21 year old lesbian princess

The life and times of a teen lesbian goddess

I actualy don't live in a hollowed out lima bean
My social life in blog form for those who don't live with me twenty four seven. The personal stuggles of an in-the-closet-under-the-rug teenager.

Live @ Lakeridge
What do you get when you take one 38 year old chick who loves another 38 year old chick, throw in a few palm trees, the hollywood sign, some laughter, tears and fifties-modern decor?{;}{;}Well, that's ...

On The Road
This is just my lil ole spot on the web where I can let my hair down. Wait. I have a buzz cut, but the idea is still there.{;}

color-me-in sky
{;}would you tell me where was I, when the color-me-in sky came down...

her shoulder to cry on
it's easier to stcommunity together a coherent sentence while typing than it is while speaking aloud.

Across an Ocean of Dreams*
This is my online diary where I express my emotions and interests. Visitors are welcome.

Patti Prissy Pantz
Join the founder of SmartWomen.org SmartWomen Internet Radio on her behind the scenes insanity into non com webcasting.{;}