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A continuation of the original DykeWrite community.

The Adventures of Charmin
Stories of Love, Lust and Drunken Stupors{;}

{;}Journal of my life: I'm a working mom(oxymoron huh?), living and co-parenting with my son's father, and trying to coordinate a life with my girlfriend too. Can't promise brilliance here, just honesty ...

tiki tiki tembo
who's that brown girl behind the copy machine? mother? high school graduate? college dropout? married? single? ....queer?

living to live. learning through experience. doing it all via blogger.{;}

Purple Angels Journal
Happenings in the life of a 20-something year old Aussie dyke...open for comment

lex the goon
Inane ramblings from the mind of Alexis

I often wonder what the world has in story for a lesbian like me.
Just a diary of random things, mostly about me and my girlfriend, Kim.{;}

dicentrah journal
Journal musings of a private gal.{;}

diary of a 20-something white trash lesbian prom queen femme, on endless persuit of the butch of her dreams.

Life slightly skewed
A journal about a cali girl livin it up in Nebraska

Downward Facing Life
feminist dyke living and loving in northern minnesota

A blog full of ramblngs and musings on random things...