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Our fascination with the dune buggy and go karts usually starts as a child. Whether you've been dreaming of one since watching a cartoon or seeing one at the beach, find out all you want right here in this community dedicated to Dune Buggy and Go Carts.
We've got access to all kinds of cool information and products. You can buy a dune buggy or learn how build a dune buggy or go cart. Why should everyone else enjoy dune buggies when you have the resources to buy or make your very own!

Dune Buggy and Go Karts
This is THE place to go for Dune Buggy and Go Karts or to learn How to build a Dune Buggy or Go Cart! There are also Dune buggies and Go Carts for sale as well as Information about Dune Buggies and Go ...

Dune Buggy and Go Karts For Sale
We've got Dune Buggy and Go Karts! You can learn How to build a Dune Buggy or Go Cart or find Dune buggies and Go Carts for sale! We've also got lots of Information about Dune Buggies and Go Karts, Beach ...

Dune Buggy And Go Karts - A Super Cool Ride
Most of us have only ever seen dune buggies on television, like in that old kids show ‘Speedy Buggy’ from the seventies, or on the Price Is Right when some lucky bugger manages to win one—or at least attempt to! A dune buggy and go karts as some call them have been used by a wide range of people that have included one of the presidents of the USA, George W Bush. They are based on an open chassis that has a modified engine in them, four large wheels with large tracks and are primarily for use on beaches and sand dunes. They can be very fast reaching the same speeds as a car and by changing the wheels the buggies can become all terrain vehicles. I guess this means they are as cool as in the cartoon!

The history of dune buggies comes from the old Volkswagen Beetle. The shell is whipped off the chassis and the powerful engine then allows the person inside the buggy to go very fast. Large wide wheels are fitted instead of the smaller normal wheels enabling it to move quickly across sandy areas. Because the beetle is a cheap option and spare parts and materials are very common this type of buggy is aimed at those with a limited budget. Another type is made from welding several steel tubes together to build the chassis from hand. Allowing a roll cage to be firmly part of the whole chassis and the design can be unique to all that make them this way. They are often called “sand rails” because of the metal tubing. The engines are rear mounted and because of the tubing the creator can customize the buggy in any way they see fit making them more convertible for the owner. These buggies are also quite cheap when it comes to the construction costs. A third style is a merger of the above two styles and has been named by some as the Boston Murphy style. This type of buggy is what happens when a person wishes to creator a faster more economical buggy out of two old buggies that are not of the same style. These are often created in the lowest of financial circumstances where the creator takes two non working buggies and creates one working buggy from them.

Dune buggies were created in chief for the use of getting around on very sandy areas but lately over the last five years they have been further designed and modified so that they are all terrain and are now being used as on and off road vehicles. Because of this the military use dune buggies in their operations all over the world to get their troops across rugged terrain. The military use one supplier to build all of their buggies and they have been named as DPV and FAV to those who know them. Unfortunately these designs are not available to the public for purchase but what are available to the public are kits. These kits can be bought online and in stores up and down the country enabling almost anyone to build their own buggy. Some people still make them from scratch but most now buy the kits so that they can have a buggy that is fast and reliable with out having to trawl around all of the junk yards in the area looking for parts. I guess it’s worth mentioning too though that if you want to build one yourself or just fix up an old one; you can find some pretty good resources for parts and repair information online which is again, easier than trawling around the junk yards!