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This Community was made in Memory of Barb Urban(Ronde). Born ~ April 4, 1962 Heaven Date ~ Aug. 10, 2000. These are sites with Memorials to loved ones lost by a Senseless crime, Drunk Driving...Please leave a fallen tear in memory of your loved one here ~ http://www.abstine.com/dui.html{;}To Visit my DUI Memorial to my Aunt please visit here http://www.abstine.com/barb.html{;}May someone out there care enough to make a difference and NOT DRINK AND DRIVE!!! Someone will lose someone they love!{;}

DUI Memorials
This is somewhere to shed a fallen tear in Memory of your loved one lost to someone's Drunk Driving. May they rest in Peace...

Remembecommunity Barb....
This Memorial is in tribute to the Life of my Aunt Barb, cut short by someone's decision to drink and drive. Born April 4, 1962 ~ Heaven Date August 10, 2000.{;}This accident also left her entire family ...

Jesse's Place on The Web
My site is dedicated to my 16 year old son Jesse who was killed by a drunk driver on 11/17/99

Donette Another Victim of Drunk Driving
A memorial to my daughter who was killed by a drunk driver.

Remembecommunity Michael
Our 16yr.old child Michael Shane Clifton, was killed by a drunk driver Feb.8th, 2001. His site has pictures, poetry, bible quotes and some very good links.Please visit and help us in Remembecommunity ...

Miss Kim's Kreations - Wreck
A shacommunity of feelings about a wreck that never should've happened...And to all those who have lost a precious one in one of these horrendous ordeals.

In Memory Of Ronnie..You Know I Love You!
This site is in memory of my big brother Ronnie Burk, who was killed by a drunk driver, at the age of 22. The site includes pictures, poems, angel galleries, and a link to MADD.

Shane Green Please Don't Drink and Drive
In loving memory of my son Shane Green{;}Drunk driving kills families. Please read Shanes daughters letter to her daddy.{;}We miss and love you Shane

~~~Brat Boy~~~
In loving memory of our son Beau, a high school student killed by a drunk {;}driver 2 weeks before graduation. Updates on court proceedings. Information to help with grief. Links to other sites and help ...

Our Frog Baby
A loving tribute to our Angel, our only child Ethan Alan Cox.

My Angel David
A memorial site dedicated to my 13 yr old son who was killed when struck by a car driven by a suspected drunk driver.

In Memory of John L. Sowers Sr.
In Memory of John L. Sowers Sr., killed by a drunk driver on April 7th, 2002. This site is meant to honor John L. Sowers Sr. and to educate others of the dangers of drinking and driving.

In Memory of Gary Ray Selby, Jr.
This site is in Memory of my nephew who was murdered by a drunk driver at the age of 18.

RoseAnn Incontro
A memorial to our beautiful RoseAnn who was taken from us too soon by a repeat drunk driver. A place for others to talk to her and share memories of her. Also a place where others can add their own experiences ...

In Memory of Reds
Dedicated to Jason, killed at 16 years old by an unlicensed, unregistered, uninsured drugged driver.

In Memory of Greg
Memorial in memory of Greg, who was killed by a drunk driver at age 17.