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A Circle for Assessiing Science as it Enters the Realm of Politics - Sorry, but due to a high volume of spam sites applying to membership for the community, and low activity of the community in general, I've closed it to new members. Anyone interested in resurrecting the community, or beginning it anew, are welcome to email me (Daniel).

The Scientific Activist
The Scientific Activist provides news and commentary on science and politics and the tumultuous areas where these dynamic fields overlap. While recognizing science as a path toward understanding nature, ...

Explaining the basics of chronobiology and tracks the science reporting in the media and on the blogs.

Adventures in Ethics and Science
Thinking about ethical questions in the practice of science and ways to get scientists and lay people to play nice and take each other seriously.

Scientifically Minded
Scientifically Minded: Science news and discussion from neuroimaging, bioethics, autism, genetics, and elsewhere. www.scientificallyminded.typepad.com

A Concerned Scientist
Concerned About the Assaults on Science - specifically, the politicization of science, manufactucommunity of doubt, misinformation, and abuses of science in politics on behalf of industry, religion and ...

The Post-Normal Times
For all the news that doesn't fit - into formal science and policy reports, and for multiple perspectives on science and policy decisions that pertain to complex environmental problems.

Science And Politics
Trying to explain American politics by connecting science, sex and the brain.

Science and Reason
Science and reason is all about... science and reason. Philosophical and political issues of relevance are also discussed.

Learning is breaking a symmetry.

Enro, scientifique et citoyen
For a scientific citizenship doesn't grow up from mistakes and approximations (in French).

Nanotechnology Law
Nanotechnology Law, A Journal of Nanotechnology Law and Policies, dedicated to asess legal implications of nanoscale technologies and the emerging molecular nanotechnology.

A former medical ethics and philosophy of biology professor,explocommunity the oddities and problems of biological and medical science, with special attention to policy problems, ethical issues, and weird ...

Geek Counterpoint
Your own personal geek-to-English translator, in handy Podcast form! Equal parts topical science background, correction / explanation of poorly reported science & tech issues, and just plain interesting ...