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This is a community for pages having to do with Dark and Shattered Lands, a fantasy mud dsl-mud.org 4000 Newbie help, roleplay, stories, clans, kingdoms, whatever... FOR THE LOVE OF THE GAME!!

Dsl Community Join Page
The Join Page for the DSL WebCommunity.{;}

DSL Chronicles
The DSL Chronicles contains Zmud tips, a race/class analysis, best class tables, a Zmud message board, and more.

Jess' Dark and Shattered Lands MUD page
{;}Various links to various places who describe DSL far more eloquently than I. Be sure to check out the Order of Austinians Page, as well as my artwork inspired by the characters on DSL.

House Ka'vanth
Learn about the House Ka'vanth, a group of dark elves who are dedicated to reclaiming the Vallenwoods.

Althainian Royal Navy Homeport
The Althainia Royal Navy's website with enlistment roster, sailing procedures, duties and promotion requirements and more.