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As a journaller, have you ever resorted to verbal temper tantrums? Had a complete lash-out? How about a total breakdown? Have you ever played something up, even just a little for the purposes of painting yourself in a sympathetic light? Like to whine (or whinge, if you prefer) when you've had a day? Do things in your life (and consequently, your writing) seem to always be really awful or really fantastic, without a lot of in between? {;}{;}If you can answer yes to any of these questions, then you are indeed a Drama Queen.

I am...
I am...a drama queen, a crumudgeon, a writer, a lover of photography, a once and future New Yorker. I am...is pure cyber self-indulgence, because it's all about ME, baby!

Lantern Waste
My life.

Scenic Route
Now in its sixth year, Scenic Route is the real-time, real-life story of how Iím dealing (or not dealing) with my past while I look towards the future. Itís a male midlife crisis story, only without the ...