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This community is for those who have approved Anne McCaffrey Weyrs, personal websites wholely or partially based on Pern, and all approved Pern rpgs, character sites, other pern related communitys. To put it simply anything Pern. The only stipulation. If you are a rpg, you MUST be approved.

Southern Alliance
Southern Alliance is a full-post PBeM set early in the 3rd Pass. In our timeline, a plague devastated the Northern Continent midway through the 2nd Interval, causing them to turn their backs on the very ...

FireHeart Weyr
FireHeart Weyr, is a Weyr bustling with activities and thick plots. We constantly have contests running so join in and be sure to win something!

Pegasus Weyr
Pegasus is sister-weyr to FireHeart, and currently under rough leadership, here we have contest running constantly, so come join now and see what you walk away with!

Victory Weyr
Victory is a 18th pass round-robin Weyr. We're about to have a hatching soon, so get your candidates in. All characters needed. Retired goldriders are accepted with the BoD's approval.

Scyjavor Weyr
Scyjavor Weyr is a small friendly group of people who enjoy helping out people new to Pern. They are a round-robin group, so come on and create a character, they'd love to have you!

Equinox Weyr: A Tenth Pass Pern Fansite
We are a non-AIVAS Pern RP fansite, based in the Tenth Pass. Our RP forum is based off-site, and may be found on the top of our homepage.

High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass
High Reaches Weyr, Fifth Pass, is a role-playing and writing group based at the end of the first Long Interval on Pern. There are only three existing Weyrs, but their numbers are growing, and an old Weyr ...

World of Warcraft Guild
We are a World of Warcraft Guild designed on the books of pern. f you’ve found your way here because you’re looking for a guild to call Home and have either seen one of us advertising that we’re recruiting, ...