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For those involved in online role-playing, whether it be MUDs, play-by-emails, or any style of gaming. Any type of game site (official or member) is fine, and any game is welcome, from Star Trek to D&D.

Mskina's AD&D Site
Tampa Bay D&D site with tons of ORIGINAL D&D submissions. Info for the new player as well as the expericenced! Everything from DM & Player tools, to game links, to a vast online bookstore with over 160 ...

Afterin the Vale Realm
A land where unrealities are real, where magic exists, knights are brave, damsels are fair (well, for the most part) and evil is a point of view. {;}Afterin is a meeting point for many realities, recovecommunity ...

OceanFalls Weyr
Set in the Thirteenth Pass, AIVAS was found filled with information, but not functioning. Jazdylyth has clutched twenty-two eggs, with one a gold. Many ranks are open, including Senior Weyrwoman! Visit ...

Bitkim Weyr
A brand new PBeM Pern RPG. Set in an alternate tenth pass, overcrowding and a natural disaster force a new Weyr to be formed on Bitkim Island in the South...

Hidden River Holt
RP by email ElfQuest based Holt. All characters are new (no book chars), we have adoptable characters and more! Elves, Trolls and Preservers as well as Humans.

Falling Skies Weyr
An approved Club in the 7th pass, Play by E-mail (Typical posting format but not full stories, not true PbEM). Falling skies and Skybroom are joint weyrs (both are PC), one in the north and one in the ...

Shades of Blue
A personal home page for my fandom characters, who live in Fort Weyr of the 13th Pass on Pern. Meet Lineve, A'len and the crew.

Small, but growing Fantasy RPG. We're always looking for new members, and everyone is accepted! Message Board RPG.

Arach Eyrie
dragons, dragons and more dragons. If you want to role play dragons, then this is the site to check out.