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For all who Roleplay with dragons, whether it's on a Pern MUSH or in Yahoo! Group with dragons. Any zize or type of dragons are welcome, including the smaller versions such as those called Firelizards, in Anne McCaffrey's world of Pern.

Sojourner's Crossing MUX
Medieval fantasy mixed with Elves part Tolkien-part ElfQuest, add in Firelizards from Pern, and magic of three kinds. Good versus Evil? Not really, but there is conflict, controversy, and strange happenings ...

Time of the Equestdorian
An unique fantasy bonding rpg set in the times of war. Originals are welcomed and loved.

Dragones de Era Diamante
Entra a la epoca en que los dragones gobernaban la tierra, entrena a tus propios dragones, haz que sean los más fuertes y gobierna el globo con tus propias manos y tu mente. unite con decenas de miles ...