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Welcome to the Dowsing Community - a collection of websites dedicated to many different forms of dowsing, divining, alternative healing techniques.

Digital Dowsing Page
Dowsing methods and tips. Many links to other dowsing pages and related subjects.

Mediumship, Mediums, Spirit Readings and Healing
You can set up your own personal reading here. We all have an interest in what comes after this life. Do you know? Read through these few short pages, you may gain new insight and may decide to make contact ...

Bonnie Lee's Physic Mediumship Readings
Have Psychic readings , mediumship, clairvoyant , spirit medium , channeling been on your mind? Seek help from your Spirit Guides, Spirit Healers, Loved Ones and Friends on the Spirit Side. Are you are ...

Dowsing - what is dowsing, dowsing tools, techniques, classes
Increase your dowsing accuracy today with our quality dowsing pendulums and divining rods, dowsing books, tips, classes.

Pendulum Power
Solve Problems and achieve Goals, as you work with a pendulum also learn from my Free eBook, who we are, what we are, why we are here and how we relate to the Universe.

Home page of Muriel and Stuart
Basic information on dowsing for water and other materials----Rebuilding a garden in Cornwall, U.K. And breeding and showing Korat cats..

Tamar Dowsers
The home site of the newly formed Tamar Dowsers, a group of Cornish and Devon people who meet to dowse at various venues and enjoy social activities