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The Dove of Peace flies around the world from site to site. Please help her make it around the globe by joining this community & taking her to your site. Let her remind us to love our neighbours and our enemies.


Jane's Info Communitys
Communitys connected to my Home Page - introduction and link to all my other pages.

This is a site about God, family,love,and angels,And my love for Roses.Also it\'s a place where you came leave a Rose In Memory of someone special.A Rose For You.

Southern Angel
This is a site about friendships and my love for my Lord. It is a site where you enter a stranger and leave a friend.

Angel Craving Wings
My place to celebrate family, friends & faith in the Lord my Saviour. Bible study resources, devotionals, prayer requests, poetry and graphics to spread the Good Word even a forum to share testimony. And ...

Our Place: Home of The Butterfly Gang
An abuse survivor with a Dissociative Disorder shares various parts of her life. This is a Christian site.{;}{;}

Gin's Place
My site is a family friendly site, shacommunity the love of family, friends, and Our Lord. I have recipies, inspirational pages, about my home Australia and much much more.

Frank Conry's homepage
A collection of articles generally{;}related to the west of Ireland and other{;}topics.

Quantum Space
Place to get help for Comic Chat and storehouse for friends links and comic chat characters.

Just Jackie's Journey
personal pages, military tribute, PSP Tutorial Groups, HTML classes taken, communitys

Ma's Biz
Pet tales, pet supplies, gifts for animal lovers, natural healing.

Raven's Dream Realm

Dreamers & ShellSeekers
Expressions from the heart of a dreamer.

Welcome @ Sieka's
Original by design,the frame colours and webset are made in psp and the pages were build in simple html without a helping program.The site is personal,kid and animal friendly,no rasism or what ever violence ...

Sir Richard’s Keep
Where the Old Code is alive

Serenity's Haven
Serenity and her guardian "Courage", a majestic unicorn, guide you through pages of beautiful graphics and wonderful midi's. A variety of themes. Please visit!

Maiden Fair's Garden
Nature and wildlife photography

Site focusing on quotes from sacred texts that are in common between all religious traditions.

Tranquility Acres
Personal family website.

Knowledge is Peace
On my blog I collect information about public lies and untruth. I look up the Web for Mindopening things, because I believe that humanity needs to know more about themselves and whats going on on the planet. ...