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This community is for anyone who wants to end the abandoning and dumping of companion animals. People sometimes abandon their unwanted companion animal as a way of avoiding euthanization, believing animals can instinctively fend for themselves. But with no idea how to survive alone, these animals face a cruel and tragic end. Too many pets are dumped and abandoned by uneducated, careless, irresponsible and heartless people. It is these people who are the real problem, and it is they who have created the situations where animals are the ultimate victims. Many people mistakenly assume that cats, and dogs, can "fend for themselves" and freely abandon pets in a very unfriendly, dangerous and frightening world, their fate uncertain. Their chances of survival being slim unless, by some miracle, they are cared for, or adopted by someone who will care and love them. Unfortunately, contrary to what the people who abandon their pets want to believe, this is usually not the case. Only a very few of these abandoned animals are found by people who will care for them or take them to a shelter. Most are doomed to a cruel and tragic end. Many of these animals will starve to death, be killed by cars or predators, be mistreated and abused by people who consider them nuisances, or suffer serious and many times fatal injuries. Some just wait - wait until they die - for their owners to come back. The reasons for abandonment are many, but none are ever good enough. There is NO reason for anyone to abandon their animal companion.....EVER. When one takes on an animal as a companion, or as a pet for their child, they MUST be responsible and committed to that animal for its' entire life. The person becomes its' guardian, for that animal looks to its human for love, tender care, food and shelter. These are simple things, all of which any animal is deserving. Animals must be considered as important to us as our children, or a family member, that way we would make certain we overcome any problems that might arise. They are living, breathing, feeling creatures that need love and care, not fads or commodities or 'things' that one can discard when they no longer want the responsibilty. No one should ever consider getting an animal companion unless they are truly willing to, and capable of, taking on the responsibilty for the animals well-being.....'till death do you part'.

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