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Finding help if you are a man who batters is crucial to your well being as well as that of the people around you. This community is dedicated to domestic violence and help for men who batter.
This is a free and safe place to find out what resources are available to you and get the help you need. If you know someone who batters then this can also prove to be a helpful source of information and advice for you as well.

Domestic Violence, Help for Men who Batter.
Domestic Violence Information and Help for Men who Batter. It could be Pastors, Teachers, Police Officers or anyone. Paul Hegstrom tells his own story and has a program geared to help men stop Domestic ...

Domestic Violence, Help for Men who Batter and Their Loved Ones
Domestic Violence Information is available here whether you are looking for help for Men who Batter or are the victim of abuse. Paul Hegstrom tells his own story and has a program geared to help men stop ...

Dealing with Domestic Violence: Help for Men Who Batter

In terms of domestic violence, men who batter are often times in need of as much help as the women they abuse even if it may not always seem that way.  Men who batter obviously have a problem and as much as it may seem that there only issue is one with controlling anger, more often than not it is a lot more complex than just an issue with anger management and usually stems from experiences as early as childhood.

Help for men who batter is easily available online and in person, yet so many men have trouble getting the help that they need whether be it because of not knowing how to find help or being in denial about the extent of their problems and for some they simply do not believe that they deserve anyone’s help because of the guilt and remorse they feel for what they’ve done.

The invention of the internet has made it a lot easier for people to get the help they need because it allows someone to seek that help without having to give up their anonymity which can be especially important to a man who is afraid or embarrassed of his actions. This also means being able to get help without having to put themselves out there in person which can actually stop some men from seeking counseling.

Online help can be just as effective as in person treatment if not more because of the anonymity factor. Having the computer screen between the troubled man and the therapist tends to make it easier to open up, speak freely and be really honest which is an absolute must if therapy is going to be successful. It’s also a great starting point for someone who may otherwise not even try to get help.

These days, not only is therapy available online but even support groups can be found on the internet since men who batter can speak with others who have been in the same boat which can be comforting and very helpful. Finding local support groups, therapists and counseling is also easy thanks to the internet, websites and web rings for those dealing with domestic violence.

For those who live a man who has a problem with domestic violence, the internet can also offer a lot of great resources from counseling to support groups and more. Even if a man you love has done something terrible, you won’t stop caring about that person but it can be extremely hard to deal with so getting help to sort out your feelings and help you decide what your next move will be is important and the right therapist or counselor can help you immensely. Finding support in others who are also involved with or related to men who batter is also important because it reminds you that you are not alone and can really help you to find peace with what has happening or even give you the strength to leave an unhealthy and potentially dangerous situation.