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This community is for those who make cartoon dolls,or stuff with cartoons. People who have dolls on their site that,they adopted from other people are welcome to join as well.

Denise's Dynamite Dolls
Come by and adopt your own Cartoon Doll. They are the cutest. Come check it out.

Doll Lovers
dolls (created by me, of coarse), donations, custom dolls, and plenty more soon to come!{;}

Furkids CyberDogHouse
A large Doll Creator,Adoptions,games etc{;}and things to hopefully inspire your{;}creativity and your mind.{;}I try to provide as many variatons and options as possible, So go ahead use your imagination ...

Doll adoptions, graphics, and country doll websets created by me. Lots to see. Looking forward to your visit. Luvs, Mischief

Retro Dolls
a cute site with dolls,dollmakers,games,links,awards and so much more!!!

The Furkids Cyber-DogHouse
A large Doll Creator,cyber pet Adoptions,fun links and webrings, creative tools etc. things to hopefully inform and inspire your creativity and your mind. So go ahead use your imagination and above all ...