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This community has been created to unite doll base makers everywhere. The only requirement is that you offer blacnk bases for download on your site. :)

---> Dolls By Lyn <---
Dolls By Lyn featucommunity Limited, Sassy & PJ, large varity of adoptions, bases & original designs. Come join the fun.

DollTowne U.S.A
This site contains bases, dollz, props, edits, contests links etc..

Zenons Playground

Dolls by a WebPixie
Original Hand Drawn Carootn Dolls, free bases(BBW, Fantasy, and more), and lots of links to other great sites. ~Accepting custom orders~

The Cat's Meow
I have dolls, awards (to give out) and contests. Not to mention 2 bases, which will be growing. (Once I have the time) :)

Kim*s World
Hey, I'm just starting to make bases, but I think they are ok, I try to only interesting poses, they are all prep females right now, but who knows, I'm planning on branching out soon.

Valley of the Dollz
A original cartoon doll creations site come on over get a few bases join my community and visit!

The Mary's Dollz
Bases, dollz, contests and stuff ^_~

Trinity Kiss
I have a collection of bases. The original Brattz base created by myself can be found here as well as the Jezebel base. I also have preps, plussies, children, care bears, and large Jezebels!

Bunny's Doll Haven
I love dolls, and this my site for them. If you love doll, and lots of other fun stuff, please check out my site. :) Hope to see you there. Oh, I have lots of links too. :)

Wings o
A growing connection of original hand-drawn dolls and bases can be found at this site which also showcases the artwork, poetry and other interests of Maggie

Sakura Medley Dollz
SMD is a relatively new site, yet I have many dollz I have made and I have my own bases, as well. I love making bases: there are several different types and sizes already, and a full collection of one ...

Dolls Unlimited
LOTS of bases, male and female, and a new baby base. Silent bases, and LOTS of preps. Looking for sister sites,and lots of Tutorials. Accepting sister sites, so please come and look!!{;}Always contests, ...

My Bases Collection!
A collection of free layouts, graphics, pixel art, dollz, bases and more...