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Making dolls and paper dolls is a wonderful way to spend time and create treasures that will bring joy for a lifetime and beyond. This community is for Doll Makers of all kinds including those who make Paper Dolls.
Use this fun community to find gems like My Book of Little House Paper Dolls: The Big Woods Collection and more! This is your one stop shopping for doll makers and collectors. You'll find everything you're looking for and much, much more!

Doll Makers and Paper Dolls and More
The Art of Doll Making isn't limited to big companies! You can make your own doll and paper dolls, doll clothes and more! From kits to advice on creating and crafting dolls, you can find it all right ...

Doll Makers and Paper Dolls For Sale
If you're a collector or just a fan of doll and paper dolls, then the selection here will please you to no end! You can find out how to make your own doll and paper dolls and even get your hands on a free ...

Doll Makers and Paper Dolls and Everything In Between
You don't need to be very old to have enjoyed paper dolls. As a matter of fact, it wasn't that many years ago that Doll Makers and Paper Dolls makers were filling up the book section of your local department store with these books featuring cut out paper dolls and a whack of paper clothing to adorn them with! I'm not a day over...well, never mind...and I remember having a shoe box full of paper dolls and clothes! They were and still are an inexpensive way for a child to get to play dolls and dress up. And since the dolls and clothes are usually made with perforated edges for easy popping out; this means that you don't need to worry about scissors being a problem.
As far as doll makers and paper dolls go, there were and still are some popular themes that helped start the craze and by far one of the most popular has to be the one made after the popular TV series 'Little House on the Praire'.  'My Book of Little House Paper Dolls: The Big Woods Collection. You can find this collection online or in some Christian book stores so that your kids can enjoy reliving the good and wholesome times of Laura, Mary, Carrie and others!
Dolls, paper and otherwise, hold a very special spot in our hearts and always have whether you're a child who loves to play with them or a grown up who collects them. Collecting isn't always easy when you consider the money that some dolls cost but there are a few great options now thanks to the great World Wide Web. For instance, doll makers have doll craft kits which allow you to make your own dolls and while you've been able to get these kits in stores for a long time now; the selection online is endless and far more impressive than that of any one store! Creating and crafting dolls and doll clothing is just one way to save some money and add to your collection. Another option is finding paper dolls online. Sure you can order paper dolls books, but with a little click you can also find free printable paper dolls and clothing! What a fun little treat for your child at anytime!
See, even in the doll world you can enjoy a little DIY project and make your own dolls! You can also find an endless selection of doll clothes patterns as well as doll furniture too so that even your dolls can have it all! And to satisfy the doll lovers of the world, doll makers and paper doll makers have also set up websites for those of us who love dolls so that we can not only be up on the happenings and know the worth of some items that we may have in our collections but also, they put us in touch with our people who share our passion for dolls of all kinds! A great thing indeed since not everyone understands the concept of a grown person who still loves their dolls!!