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Shadows Doom Page
You ever want to take on a room full of {;}Cyberdemons and be able to beat the crap {;}out of them? Well this is the wad for you.

Inferno's Doom Wads
Do I need to explain?

The King Doom Experience is an extensive{;}tool for Doom file and sourceport{;}management. Download your copy today,{;}it is free !

Lizard's Legacy: A Doom2 Project
This site has the infamous Pokestein Mod, now discontinued, and Lizard War, another mod which is much better than Pokestein. There are other downloads such as two of my own deathmatch skins. And not to ...

Doomed 2 Die
Doomed 2 Die is a 30 level replacement wad for Doom II. The wad is also available in tar format for Linux.

Doom Legacy Wads (aka DLW)
Dedicated to Doom Legacy wads opengl compatibles. Databases of wads certified free of bugs and huge other databases. Tools for edition and useful links.