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Children of the Devil is a community for Devil May Cry fansites of all kinds: personal pages, fanart site, fanfiction site, shrine, fanlisting... if it's about Devil May Cry, you're welcomed to join!

The Cover Artist
This is a Fan site of DMC2 and DMC3's official 3D illustrator. This site provide a selection of official Coverarts and is including some newest informations,and trivias( rumours?).

A fanlisting of the relationship of Dante and Trish in Devil May Cry.

Send in the Clown!
The TFL.ORG listed fanlisting for Jester of Devil May Cry 3. If you love the infernal buffoon, join us!

Children of the Devil
Children of the Devil is this Devil May Cry fansite community's homepage. There, you can read the rules for joining, get a nice code, and fill out the form to join the community.

Highway to Hell
The TFL.ORG listed fanlisting for the relationship between twin brothers Dante and Vergil.

Broken Mirror
The TFL.ORG listed fanlisting for Vergil, as well as a mini-shrine to his greatness, because the other son of Sparda deserves it.

Devil Child
A Devil May Cry fansite full of everything your fannish heart may desire! Fanarts, fanfictions, recs, doujinshi reviews and other goodies, gen and yaoi, await you.

An overall fansite to Dante. Includes scans from the manga, the artbook, and various other places. Information on the series, though it's still undergoing a lot of construction, as there are still things ...

Devil May Cry NeoPortal
A site with information on all the Devil May Cry games as well as cameo appearances in others.

Chasing the Stylish
A place to ogle at the various merchandise created for the series. Promotional goods, books, toys, and more!

A Lucia fanlisting with lots of extras for the fans such as fan fictions, fan art, avatars, winamp skins and wallpapers.

Forever Yours
The TFL.ORG listed fanlisting for the couple of Sparda and Eva from the Devil May Cry series, because Dante and Vergil's parents need love too.

Devil's Chapel
A small but growing fan website for Devil May Cry. You can find detailed information on main characters, high quality scans, music downloads, desktop related items and much much more.

A very small dedication to Trish. Since there's so much to the rest of them, I thought Trish needed more credit! I'm always looking to expand.

Blood Fetish
A shrine dedicated to Dante, Vergil, and the Devil May Cry series.

Sotto Voce
a fansite to Vergil of the Devil May Cry series.

My shrine collective -- It's mostly going to be Devil May Cry, and so far hosts my Vergil site. (I do, however, cover another game, too.)

In Nomine Patris
The TFL.ORG listed fanlisting for the father of Dante and Vergil, the Legendary Dark Knight Sparda. Come spread the Sparda love!

Spencer Mansion
A Fansite dedicated to Resident Evil and Devil May Cry.

Hellraiser (Nelo-Angelo.org)
Hellraiser is a large dedication to Vergil (Nelo Angelo)! It contains loads of scans, screenshots and sounds. It has a lot for fans, too -- fanart, fanfiction and ect.! It also houses quite a bit of crack ...

Divinity Statue
Divinity Statue works the same way as Children Of The Devil, but this time, it's a banner exchange for sites with quite a bit of content.

Blackeva's parsonal Devil May Cry, Vergil fanwork website. Contains yaoi, slash, homosexuality, incest, violence. Adult only.