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The Dino Land Community a community of educational and scientific-based sites on dinosaurs.

Dinos International!
An international dinosaur website, with dinosaur news and links in several world languages, including English, Francais, Espanol, Deutsche, Nederlands, Italiano, Svenska, Portugues, and Srbjii.

Dinosaurs (Dinosaur Habitat Dioramas & Paleo Art)
Dinosaurs and dinosaur art including dinosaur habitat dioramas, paintings, drawings and sculpture. For the discriminating dinosaur art collector.

Dinosaur Cornucopia
Dinosaur Cornucopia is an educational journey through the mesozoic world. Being informative both visually and factually and bcommunitying a sampling of the latest information in a way that is targetted ...

Information about Pawpawsaurus campbelli, a new genus of armored dinosaur discovered in North Central Texas in 1992. Includes photos of the fossil skull, life reconstructions, cast replica, etc.

The Thylacoleo Remembrance
GUESTSITE OF THE DLWR A web site which details the discovery and natural history of Thylacoleo, an Australian marsupial of the Pleistocene Epoch. Includes detailed information and many good photographs ...

The goal of Thescelosaurus! is to provide at least some information, including time, place, describer, and some classification, for all known non-avian dinosaurs.

Australian personalized children's books
This page shows my interpretations of a range of early cretaceous dinosaurs and reptiles of today's North Queensland in their cretaceous environment. All drawings by Torsten Hartmann, full colour. Information ...

www.fossil-photo.com is a web site were you can get photo's of fossils information on fossils like amber and information on dinosaurs and were you can send in your photographs of fossils. Dinosaurs and ...

Dinosaur Jungle
Information about dinosaurs and other prehistoric animals. Including types of dinosaurs, fossils, facts, extinction, and fun activities such as dinosaur jokes, dinosaur crosswords and dinosaur word pu ...