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Are you one of those really tunnel minded individuals who doesn't know your 'ars' from a hole in the ground? And you're only good at ONE solitary thing?! And you don't know jack about anything else but graphics? And you call yourself an artist, but deep inside you know that you'll do ANYTHING just to stay on your computer (even draw stupid pictures?), and the word 'artist' sounds a whole lot better than web junkie???!!!! Then we've found a home for you! {;} {;}We Cordially Invite You To Join:{;} {;}'Thee DKJ (Don't Know Jack) Community'

Whimsy at Wings & Such
{;}humorous and fun background sets plus lots more on the site!

Welcome to My World
Animated globes for all; many to choose from and adopt! Calling cards for men, women, children & teachers! An Elvis page, children's play room, and poetry, both original and borrowed. Stop by for a vi ...