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Click Member link to see site in tvLovely Painted Ladies
A personal website that was started to showcase my one of a kind repainted fashion dolls. Since I am no longer doing repaints, it now reflects my personal tastes and interests, but also has a gallery ...

Lady Dorothea's Celtic Castle
Celtic/Medieval graphics for webpages and email signatures .... also includes Christo/Jewish/Pagan/Wiccan symbols & banners, as well as an Education page with articles on Christianity, Paganism, Wicca, ...

A fascinating world of poetry, quotations and toasts. Presented in a dramatic, fanciful way. Elsinore4u bcommunitys beauty to the eye and pleasure to the mind. Visit and experience this enchanting wor ...

Come forsake your soul to the fires of the night.

Lady Catherine's Realm
An eclectic collection of poetry, recipes, folklore, and a personal journal. Always something new being added.

CelticRose Creations
Calling cards of all kinds! Designs include.. Angels, Art, Fantasy, Victorian, Animals, Anime, 1920s and 1930s, Movies, and Celebs. Come grab some, I also take requests for cards to be made and perso ...

Journey Through The Mists
Come take a journey through the mists to Shining Isle ~ a place to recapture innocence and dreams. Blessed be all who enter here, for each one is a traveller on the path of enchantment and discovery.

Mystykyl Whispers
It is a site that is still in progress but is that of a teaching tool..I want to be able to link to other sites such as mine for further learning.

Anyara - aphorisms in the light of astrology
Quotations on astrology, beauty, cats, God, happiness, kindness, love, women and other subjects - Quote profiles - Quiz quotes - Quotations identified by the horoscope of the author - Quote Zodiac and ...

Circle of Friends 01
This is my growing site of cartoon dolls. Please join my community. I have a list of places where you can make your own cartoon doll, and I can even make you your very own banner for your site! Please ...

Dixie's Full Length Wavs
I have several pages of full length music wavs. From the hits of today to the oldies. Country, soft rock and lots more. You'll find a link to my poetry pages there also. Come check it out and enjoy ...

Divine Love Light
Professional psychic readings and spell-casting services for love, money, luck and more. Whatever your situation, we are here to help you.

Real Divas
Real Divas promotes positive strength for women

Delena's Craft
The Witchy half of my site at Haven, this is dedicated to the Goddess and highlights the Witch aspects of my life. Has shrines dedicated to The Morrigan and Venus, chants, rituals, my online journal, and ...

A Woman's Perspective
This site promotes the peaceful communication between women everywhere. Little tolerance is given to those that break the rule of peace. Men are welcome, and treated like just one of the girls *lol*. ...

BeAngels Web Home
About Angels, myself, my pets, women in history, my causes amd more.

I varity of things for you the visitor!!

The Arbor of Ramblin' Rose
My personal poetry is here along with my community memberships. I am also competing in the Golden Elite site competition. Please stop by for a visit!

Skys Vision
A collection of poetry, hotline numbers, music, sourceful links, and helpful information on abuse.

Mistress Patricia's Domain
My site is basically my interests and hobbies but I will be adding to it daily so stop by and visit

Tina M's Homepage
A personal homepage with artwork, paintings, graphic-design, free frame-service, win my award, photos, links and more

Silke, textile art
When someone names himself he ratifies his existence. {;}When someone knows what he says upon saying his name, he has made the path of life his own.{;}Silke means silk. Silke is also my name.{;}The path ...

Rici's Place (Ailshire Babies)
My site is about Adoption & Reunion, My family history, pictures, poetry and a lot of American Indian thoughts & poetry. Peace and acceptance of all people. Many new pages in the works, like PSP tub ...

MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades
Take a journey through love, romance, relaxation, humor, beauty, quips, quirks, support, happiness and tears.{;}{;}Take a journey through{;}MoonLit Kisses & Waterfall Serenades{;}

Circle of Love - Group & Ring
This is my love group where I have made alot of graphics in my Graphics Gallery, an own webring and a mailinglist where members can share information concerning mysteries and the occult, exopolitics and ...

Site devoted to health and wellness focused on the Black Woman.

Under The Whispecommunity Tree
An ecclectic mix of interests....fantasy art, sci-fi art and writing, indian art and poetry, haiku poetry, earth magic, fairies, blues music...

Natashia's Home Sweet Home
Links calling cards..Avators and tutorial as well. I also have mp3s on my site. Tarot card readings...and also pictures of family and friends...and Home Web Cam Videos{;}

Land of Dreams
Safe surf rated, Fantasy mixed with Reality, something for everyone, Angels, Fairys, Unicorns to see, Poems to read, Communitys I belong to, Divine Diva Dedication pages, and jokes. Hope to see you t ...

Home of Diva Star
my corner of the web, friends and family

Sapphira's Home of Strangeness
My site is basically just a bunch of stuff that I like put together in the hopes that someone will want to visit it.

Domestic Violence
My own personal story of surviving abuse as a child and an adult! Alot of poetry some I have written while some just touched my heart. Memorial pages.

Lady Love's Home
A site with something anyone can enjoy. Come see me! :)

My Personal home on the web

Swannsong Designs
Elegant triple border websets for personal use.

Denise.G - Webdesign, Grafiken, Fotos und Poesie
Auf meiner Homepage findet Ihr kostenlose Webgrafiken für die eigene Homepage, Fotos von Schottland, sowie Gedichte über die Liebe und das Leben, Satire, Witziges und Lebensweisheiten.

Welcome to the Eclectic World
A site about who I am, the people who I love, the things I love (music, poetry, etc.), and various other little tidbits. I belonged to this community a long time ago, but somehow I must have gotten deleted. ...

BlakidSuzn's World
my personal website with causes I support, free web graphics, pages about veterans & POW/MIA's, Native Americans,relaxation tips, java applets, and more.


From The Heart Of Aradia
Joys and trials, happiness and tears, written from my heart to yours. Emotions I have felt, or have been felt by friends written to perhaps help you on your journey of life.

Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & TAROT
Parsley, Sage, Rosemary & TAROT{;}Choose your own path and make what you want of it.{;}Tarot: What It Is, What It Is Not & Tips on Selecting an Ethical Reader{;}{;}

Beta Phi Omega Sorority, Inc.
From the Glorious Diamonds of this shining Feminine Lesbian/Bisexual Greek Letter Organization....

Careless Whispers
My site is open to ANYbody that wants to see it! I have bg sets, bgs, welcome signs, copyright signs, cliques, a community and lots of other stuff made by me unless otherwise noted. Come on in! :)

PrimalX... Other Worldly Photography
Welcome to my Kodak and Fuji induced dream world... filled with warriors, gypsies, witches, vampires, wild animals, rockers, and otherworldly things. Dreamscapes of places that are really out of this world. ...

Kylana's Lair
A site of fantasy, art, and lore.

Fairy Kucha's Ourback Camp
All about my job as a Spirit Fairy for DAnime Isle at the Site Fights

Barbara's Story
{;}A ture story of love.

Miah's World
My site has a bit of something for everyone. Arizona {;}Wildlife, Space, Pets and Pet Help, Bipolar Disorder and {;}much more. Enjoy your journey through my world!

Nichols Family
A site about my family

Surviving Asthma
How I survived asthma, asthma and families, asthma drugs' side effects, update on my condition, what is asthma, my son, my mom and more stuff.