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These Ditzy Danzin' Pages feature original ideas and animated dancers of all kinds. Pages may contain humor, parody, strange content or just plain fun. This is a family community.{;}

Soulful Pumpkins
Lovely Night - Stars Shine Bright - Restful Scene - Til...... HALLOWEEN! Some Restless Ghosts Of Rock n' Roll Come Out To Play And Free Some Soul. The Pumpkin Patch They Wander By..... Oh Look What ...

Rock n' Ghoul House Party
Come On In This Party's Jumpin'! All The Ghouls and Boys are Bumpin'! The Newest Dance Trend - Soulful Pumpkin. Seegar's Music Rocks The Soul. We Love That Old Time Rock & Roll!{;}

Political Dance Party
Politics make strange bedfellows and stranger dancing partners. Welcome to the all new political party. The political dancing party. Inspired by the 2000 presidential campaign.{;}

Hot! Hot! Hot!
This dance party is a scorcheroo! The Habenero Chile Pepper Band is cranking up the heat to the Buster Poindexter beat! The capsaicin is flowing and raising the temperature on the Scoville Scale.

Wrap Tap
After the Christmas gifts are all wrapped and you've fallen exhausted into bed, there's a happening wrap party going on, right there on your dining room table.