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indescribable anything but disturbed/ disturbing

hell is other people
documentaries of an ex-sweet-catholic-sunday-school-altar-boy who read jd salinger in highschool, freud, sartre and kafka in college, realized the presence of hormones and went berserk. {;}

{{you will not even leave a taste}}
left and forgotten{;}the queen of loneliness{;}in her dying kingdom

Hookers Rule
A site with poetry, art, and much more

Warped Core: The Blog/Anti-Blog Reaction
On the contradictory terms of spreading the message of the ridiculousness of blogging, the Warped Core weblog was founded. Articles and commentaries on the general stupidity of humanity, random product ...


a collection of all my work, containing {;}drawings and paintings. inspired by dreams, literature,music and where ever my mind can lead to.

not like you
basically, a little dark, a little strange, a little fun, VERY original...it's all me.