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Disintegration is a community for artists and creators of words.{;}We fight against disintegration through our visons, our journals, our memories. Join if you have a website. If it's done tastefully.{;}If it shows you creativity, your battle against oblivion.

The Martino Twins: Fine Contemporary Art
Harsh, in-your-face, graphic subject matter which questions racial, religious and sexual stereotyping. {;}Art produced with striking energy and bold, scratchy effectiveness, communicate their response ...

shock me sane . net
i'm impenetrable hardness, but i dare you to strike.

those who hear not the music... think the dancers mad

Saints and Wormwood
Decaying with the bitter-sweet elegance of a torn apart angel

Inconsistant Angel Things
Inconsitant. Angel. Things. A site explocommunity myself through poetry, artwork, unsent letters, etc.

Serenity Unleashed
A site dedicated to dark poetry and fiction. Submissions welcome.

s t a t i c d a n c e
dance of the static{;}{;}personal site // writing // artwork

inside the walls

something went terribly wrong on the other side of the mirror