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Stop in here if you want to learn more about MS, and then be sure to visit the teddybear page, ecard page, Holiday House and lots more. Be sure to visit often. BJ' World is always changing and growi ...

Access Cyclades Network
Access Cyclades Network (www.accesscyclades.net) is an informatic network supporting citizens with special abilities in Cyclades Islands, Greece, and disabled visitors from allover the world.

Service Dogs and More!
Want to know what that dog does that is in the store, weacommunity the red backpack? Why there's more than just guide dogs out in public helping their handlers? Are you disabled and interested in Assistance ...

Lindylady48 Home Page
I'm a former musician, keyboard, who now is disabled. I plan to include links that support disabilities and disabled musicians in particular.

My site is about me and my family and the diseases of Multiple Sclerosis and has a page on my niece that has Lupus and my husband that has Ankolosing Spondilitis. There is also things on my pets coming ...


Loads of Medical links and resources
medical resources for parenting your special needs child, find information on rare disorders, skeletal dysplasias, dwarfism, mucopolysaccharidoses, connective tissue diseases

Raindrop Reprieve
A support group for families with special needs.

JadedSilverMist's World
Site of a 19 year old female living with DID/MPD. (Dissociative Identity Disorder.) Site includes my story, info. on did/mpd, as well as much more. Come on in!

MSers Online
For people with Multiple Sclerosis, their family, friends, caregivers, etc. 4 discussion lists. 2 Yahoo! clubs.

Wheelchair Users Torso Support System, Back Support With Control
The MOBILIZR™ is a unique patented safety device designed to allow wheelchair and scooter users to obtain a new horizon of freedom, security and independence.

Fabio's Down Syndrome Homepage
Fabio's story, pictures, poems and useful information on Down Syndrome as well as links and addresses of Down Syndrome Organizations and Parents Groups in the U.S. and worldwide. A German version of this ...

Jacob's Den
Hi! My name is Jacob. I am 16, I attend High School in Rockville Center, and I have Down Syndrome. Welcome to my Homepage! I like to play baseball, ride my bike, play Ninetendo, drive boats, and play with ...

The Cacommunity Advocate
An independently-published newsletter with health news, information, resources, & support for family and professional caregivers, who are cacommunity for ill loved ones, children, adults, & elders with ...

All About Multiple Sclerosis
MS news and views, explaining MS, glossary, famous people with MS, my story, 100s of links, MS poetry, fun stuff, fund-raising software and other features

The Guiding Light Foundation
Are you bogged down in the bureaucracy and indifference of the HealthCare, Social Security, Veteran's Administration, Military medical, Legal, Disability Insurance, and Workers' Compensation systems? We ...

shayna's place
My site contains various forms of original poetry, short stories, water color paintings, disability information, my life with multiple sclerosis, fibromyalgia, meniere's disease, bleeding disorder, abuse, ...

S.L.A.P. Survivors Living Alone Proudly
Survivors Living Alone Proudly= SLAP is online support and information for survivors of ANY disabling injury who are living alone.

Sparkling Angel's Palace!!!!!
My site is all about me & living my disability Cerebral Palsy (CP).

disAbility Personals
A matchmaking and friend finder club for Amputees and Disabled men & women and their Admirers.

Barrier Free Choices ... in YOUR Neighborhood!
The Online Information Service created BY disabled consumers FOR disabled consumers and their families. Find safe, barrier-free resources in your neighborhood! Search results ranked by distance from your ...

Disabled Christian News
Disabled and Chtistian news headlines. Bible study tools. Links page.

My Journey Toward Self Determination
I have been in Self Determination for over a year. This site documents how I got to his stage in my life, and where I am going.

Tereasa's MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Page
This page was started w/a WebTV Plus, in 1999, but I managed to upgrade to a computer, in 10/2000. It's just my personal MS story w/info & other helpful links.

Joey\'s Journey - Our Life With Lissencephaly
This site was created in honour and memory of our son, Joey Furlotte, who was born with a rare congenital brain malformation called \"lissencephaly\" and died at age 25 years.

Life at the Creek Cottage
Personal and info site about mutual assistance housing and other disability issues. Includes resource directory.

RSTCA - Our Family
My website is all about myself, my husband and our three children one of whom happens to be disabled. She is a lovely little girl with a rare chromosome disorder called Community22. Come and meet us!

We are a Social, Education, and Employment Network of PEOPLE who happen to have a disability. Free Membership; create a Personal Website (or Online Resume), post to our Disability Blog, use our Disability ...

Living Badass
I am a young Canadian girl with a disability. I have Depression, Ulcerative Colitis, and Fibromyalgia, and despite this, I am trying to learn how to make my life really badass. Living badass requires ...

incurable hippie's musings and rants
About Hippie blog? Ramblings, photos, fury, giggles and musings about love, peace, friendship, madness, happiness, the state of the world, my life, cool pics, my health and general ranting...

A Gossamer Heart the mending of wings
We are a support web site for those who are chronically ill. We offer a forum where people can share their experiences, a prayer and reiki request page, poetry and prose publishing, and an informational ...