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Exposing our digitalia....

shock me sane.net
this is where i begin{;}

{;}shit, i still love you - still see you in bed

{;}(inside these walls)

Gallery Celesta
A gallery of eye-catching, thought provoking digital art by Celesta.{;}

Undreaming . net
&; somewhere between awake&sleeping

A captured sliver of a star- no mortal, {;}by your grace. You see without the eyes {;}of hate that every soul must place.{;}Now, Kitsune- take the path, between {;}your spirit torn-Become the faultless ...

Colours Collab

Full Moon Digital Art & Graphics Design
Full moon digital art offers high quality designs and wallpapers of unique digital art and photo manipulations of buffy, x-men and other famous characters. We also offer graphics design services.{;}