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Long gone are the days of frilly diaper bags that dads would be embarrassed to carry! This community offers you a whole new world of cool man diaper bags for dads in great patterns, leather and more!
This community is a fun and helpful place for parents to find the latest in diaper bags for moms AND dads as well as other goodies. Sitack, relax and browse a while!

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Diaper Bags for Dads and Moms - Diaper Bag Patterns You Can Both Pull Off

When it comes to choosing diaper bags for dads and moms, diaper bag patterns can be tricky. You’ve seen the typical diaper bag; pretty pastels with little teddy bears or flowers all over. Sure they’re cute but not very daddy-friendly especially if daddy is a bit of a macho man. So what’s a guy to do? Thanks to the diaper bag patterns available for sale these days, picking something kinda’ manly won’t be a problem.

Choosing a diaper bag that both mom and dad can carry without shame is easy and you’ve got all kinds of options. You can opt for something very generic as far as pattern goes like a check pattern or geometric or you can go for a solid color. Thankfully solid colors range from the pretty pastels to neutrals like browns and beiges to even some super-manly navy blues! Circle patterns are also very now and come in colors combos that wouldn’t make your man cringe.

Once you’ve got the color and pattern picked you can have a browse at the different styles. There are all kinds! There is the typical diaper bag shape complete with lots of pockets for bottles, nappies, binkies and anything else you may need to carry for baby but then you’ve also got messenger bag styles which are great because not only do they work well for both sexes, but they’re also trendy and, when baby’s all grown, these messenger style bags make great laptop bags too! There are also styles that resemble the vintage gym bags which are especially hot right now so you can get function and fashion in one!

Today’s world not only offers us bags that dad can carry without feeling like a pansy but also the convenience of shopping for them online. This means being able to browse hundreds of styles, colors, sizes and brands from home so that you can really mull it over and pick something that you’re both happy with it. If you happen to find a diaper bag that you like online, you can also easily place that on your list of ‘wants’ for your baby shower and depending what website you find it on, you may even be able to register there for your shower and make shopping especially convenient for your loved ones.

Buying diaper bags online also means the chance to get in on some great deals, especially if a designer diaper bag is what you are after. How hot would mommy and daddy look carrying a Louis Vuitton or Burberry diaper bag? Too expensive? Then how about a reasonable facsimile or a ‘designer inspired’ diaper bag! Cheap and chic!

Buying a diaper bag that mom and dad can pull off really isn’t hard to pull of because the days of cutesy animal patterns and pastels-only are finally a thing of the past. Sit down at your computer and have a look-see! Nine months is plenty of time to choose one, order it and change your mind several times too!