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The "Deviant Webmasters" community is the only one dedicated strictly to sites using the WoW bulletin board/discussion forum software as well as the ocPortal content management system (CMS). These two pieces of software are those I chose to build my own website's foundation upon, and I am a tremendous believer in the capabilities of both of these scripts. Both scripts are feature rich and unique, and since both are still in their relative infancies the best is yet to come! However, our communities are still small and we need to support one another. So, this is the best way I could think to do it. I welcome all established or committed WoW and ocPortal website operators to join "Deviant Webmasters." Let us help each other thrive and give our users the benefit of wider access to the community to which we belong (and the software that everyone prefers to keep using).

Tinfoil Helmets
Community of members from all over the world. We discuss hockey, politics, nutjobs, conspiracy theories, healthcare and about anything else that happens to come up. ALL political opinions are welcome. ...