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Dental Find
DentalFind.com is the leading Dental Directory on the Web and we focus 100% of our efforts and resources on finding the most advanced and effective methods to connect Patients and Dentists.

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Sunnyvale Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Dennis Macaulay specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Free Reports about how to Get a 5 Star Smile!

Sunnyvale Cosmetic Dentist
Dr. Dennis Macaulay specializes in cosmetic and restorative dentistry. Free Reports about how to Get a 5 Star Smile!

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Remember those moments when you were a child and you heard these horrid words coming from one of your parentís mouths Ė Weíre going to the dentist. It was really at those moments that we as humans can relate to what our pets go through when they are going to the vet. You know how pets seem to instinctively know when there is a visit to the vet about to happen, well this is the same way kids feel when they are going to the dentist.

The funny thing about those early visits to the dentist is how little adults neglect regular visits to the dentist. This is a shame because as much as we feared the dentist as children, dentistry is an important part of maintaining our health and our attractiveness. While the whole going to see a dentist may have seemed so unnecessary as a child, who hasnít seen an adult whose teeth are worn down with oral problems that could have easily been solved by visiting a dentist Ė itís absolutely disgusting. As we grow older, our teeth becomes susceptible to the aging process and are usually the biggest losers from the bad habits that we all develop. Whether its excessive alcohol consumption, the daily cup of coffee that we need to get through work, or those regular cigarette breaks Ė our teeth is a barometer of how much we value our health. Healthy individuals make sure they go to the dentist on a regular basis and their teeth look sparkling white. Unhealthy individuals? Well, letís just say that they arenít the type of people that we want to look at, anyway.

One of the biggest recommendations that weíve all heard as kids is that we should see a dentist every six months for your check up. In this general form of dentistry, your dentist will take basic care of a patientís teeth and will provide a diagnosis over whether or not you will need to a dental specialist for further work. These general dentists are there to ensure that your oral health is up to par. Although general dentists are able to perform more complex dental treatments, they will refer patients to dental specialists if there is a particularly troublesome dental problem that requires work right away.

For many people, they wonder whatís the point of going to see a dentist anyway. After all, who hasnít been to the dentist where it is a dental hygienist that is hard at work cleaning your teeth for a long period of time. At the end of the appointment, your dentist will stride in for a few minutes, take a glance at your teeth, and pronounce that everything is fine. However, it is important that this is always the desired result when you go see a dentist. The last thing that you want to hear from your dentist is that you require to see a dental specialist. However, the advances in the dental industry has been truly startling and we will examine some of these specializes in the dental world.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Letís be honest Ė we live in a material world and with so many products and services out there, expectations are high for the way that we look. While itís fun living in a world where things look great, it can also be a bit hard on the old self-confidence if you feel that you arenít quiet meeting expectations. One of the most underrated parts of looking good is the state of our teeth. After all, who hasnít been wowed by a personís smile Ė it really is one of the biggest weapons in making a great question. However, unfortunately many individuals find that they are reluctant to show off their pearly whites because, well, those pearly whites arenít so pearly white.

To rectify this situation, the field of cosmetic dentistry has developed and has taken off in popularity. Cosmetic dentists understand the value of a great smile and not only treat patientís teeth but also their confidence in their smile. Although many people feel that cosmetic dentistry is slightly superficial, it is hard to criticize something that makes so many people happy. In cosmetic dentistry, there are a number of popular dental procedures that are designed to improve the aesthetic value of your teeth. Also known as aesthetic dentistry, the most popular cosmetic dentistry treatments are: teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and tooth bonding.

With teeth whitening or tooth bleaching, a cosmetic dentist is essentially correcting the color of a patientís teeth. White teeth is viewed as the ultimate symbol of youth and is actually one of the biggest concerns that people have about their teeth. A Hollywood Smile is a term that is used to describe extremely white teeth and itís no surprise that people around the world are trying hard to get their own Hollywood Smile. A safe aesthetic dentistry treatment, there are two ways that one can go through tooth bleaching.

The first method is known as the office teeth whitening treatment. In this method of teeth bleaching, a cosmetic dentist will apply a bleaching agent directly to a patientís mouth for a short period of time. These bleaching agents are generally safe and can produce remarkably white teeth in a short period of time.

The other way to perform teeth whitening is an over-the-counter tooth bleaching product. This method allows the patient to skip a trip to the dentist office and essentially whiten their teeth themselves. An over the counter teeth whitening kit contains a mouthguard and the bleaching agent. With this process, a patient is able to wear a mouthguard containing the bleaching agent for a few hours. This take home tooth bleaching kit can be used for up to 14 days and is an effective way of teeth whitening. Although the over the counter tooth whitening kit does not produce the same whitening effects as an office tooth bleaching treatment, it is very effective and has few risks of soft tissue damage.

Another particularly popular cosmetic dentistry procedure is porcelain veneers. Porcelain veneers is an aesthetic dental treatment that involves placing a thin layer of porcelain material to a damaged tooth surface. Initially designed to protect a damaged tooth, porcelain veneers have become one of the most popular dental treatments for its ability to cover discolored teeth that have been resistant to teeth whitening treatments.

Sedation Dentistry

Although one can make the point that cosmetic dentistry is dominating the dental field, it is important to note that there are a number of dental specializations that have a more serious connotation. As previously mentioned, many people harbor fears of the dentists and this is true of children and adults. One of the worst things that a person can do to themselves is to allow that fear of the dentist prevent them from seeking out dental care when it is necessary. Every dentist can tell you horrific stories of trying to save a damaged tooth that could have easily been treated if it was reported at an earlier stage. However, if anybody understands a fear of dentists Ė itís dentists. That is why sedation dentistry has become one of the most respected dental specializations.

In sedation dentistry, the patient is given sedatives usually in pill form that allows them to be calm throughout a dental treatment. In some cases, a sedative or analgesic is administered to the patient intravenously. Within a sedation dentistry treatment, a patient is given a sedative an hour before their treatment. By the time their dental treatment rolls around, the patient is usually asleep or unusually calm. This allows the dentist to do what they do without worrying about calming down an agitated patient. This allows the dentists and the patients to have the best of both worlds and work effectively towards a common goal Ė protecting the patientís teeth.

Pediatric Dentistry

Although the state of our teeth should be important for adults everywhere, it is particularly important for parents to understand how vital their childís oral health is for them. Unlike the trips that we make to the dentist now, children need to have a dental specialist that charters the development of their teeth. For that reason, pediatric dentistry is arguably the most popular and important dental specialty there is today.

Also known as pedodontics, pediatric dentistry involves dentists that specialize in the dental care of children. Additionally, pediatric dentists are experts at keeping parents informed about what they should do to ensure the oral health of their child. Pediatric dentists suggest that children should visit the dentist before their first birthday and provide helpful tips that prevent tooth decay that is sometimes caused by nursing.

Additionally, a pediatric dentist is able to assist children go through the difficult process of losing their baby teeth and developing their adult teeth. While we all have nightmares of visiting the dentist when we were children, it is amazing how much the dental industry has worked to change these fears. Pediatric dentists are not only experts at dental matters but have also been trained in child development. Pediatric dentists make sure that they have an office that will make children feel at ease and are experts at calming children down. Who knows, within a few years, pediatric dentists may make the whole dental experience so much fun that it will be our children insisting that we go to the dentist and not the other way around!